Jedi Minute 107: Log Troopers

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June 2nd, 2015


The Ewoks shout and cheer as the giant machine helps turn the tide of the battle in their favor.


Kristen Siebecker, Ella Moran, and Daughter The Retailer (background)



  • Starts with the AT-ST Tempest picking off more stormtroopers in the woods, and ends with the drunk fallen AT-ST blowing up after it hits the ground.
  • 32 Ewoks at work simultaneously in this minute.
  • Widdle "Willy" Warrick and Wunka the Ewoks.
  • Stop motion AT-ST.
  • Flitchee with his rifle.


  • Why the Ewoks have all these traps ready to go, and how they were able to prepare so fast. They are very organized!
  • The stormtroopers are having a hard time getting around the forest (even though many of the extras were local loggers). They should have called in the log troopers.
  • Willy and Wunka.
    • Wunka and his brother Tokat became gunners on the Alliance cruiser Liberator. Maybe Wunka is firing the guns of the Tempest.
  • The hosts just watched the minute and no one can agree on who is sitting where in the AT-ST. This is why humans are unreliable witnesses.
  • The Endor forest is super flammable, and the Rebels don't really seem to care.
  • Previously uncontacted tribes adopting the worst aspects of Western civilization.
    • Referenced: the original Star Trek series episode "{{{2}}}".
  • Amazing traps
  • Kristen's beverage pairings
    • Ewoks drink a celebratory craft beer
    • Stormtroopers get warm Coors Lite (Editor's note: Ewww).
  • Family friendly deaths. The battle is pretty sanitary.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 24:37 podcast episode length.
  • This minute is a highlight of the movie for Ella.
  • At the time this episode aired, all SWM merchandise was personally packed by Ella. This was prior to the switch to having Teepublic handle all merchandise orders.


  • Alex: As with most of the EU, I think that's utter garbage.
  • Alex: If you rounded up all the Ewoks, herded them out of the village into like a clearing in the woods...I'm not sure what you're going do when you get them there...
  • Pete: His [Wicket's] "widdle" brother, who's older.
  • Alex: Can we keep the upward spiral going? Ella: <quickly> No.


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