Jedi Minute 108: The Switcheroos

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Piles o' bodies.jpg


June 3rd, 2015


Leia holds her laser gun ready, behind Han, out of view of the two stormtroopers moving toward them. Han and Leia's eyes lock; the moment seems suspended in time.


Kristen Siebecker and Ella Moran



  • Starts with an AT-ST exploding and Han hot-wiring a door, and it ends with Han getting an idea and a cut to a lightsaber duel.
  • A series of Switcheroos
  • Han "losing horns" face.
  • Han (Harrison Ford?) feels up Leia's chest.
  • "I love you." "I know".
  • Pile of dead bodies.


  • Callbacks to ESB.
  • Chewie-Han-Leia love triangle.
  • Listener project: edit in a sound effect over the Han breast squeeze.
  • Callback to Boushh unmasked as Leia.
  • Leia is an amazing shot. She shoots first.
  • Leia is fine after getting shot. It's like kids playing. Is she wearing armor?
  • Drink pairings:
    • Leia/Carrie Fisher: Vodka (from a flask)
    • Han: Irish Car Bombs.
    • Droids don't drink
  • Secret Star Wars quotes: "I got an idea".
  • What happened to the bunker.
Kristen saw the movie while on vacation in Wisconsin. They went with the family who owned the boat shop, and she had a big crush on one of the boys. They sort of held hands during the movie and the rest of the film experience was a blur.
He wrote a breakup letter later that summer. He was a [sic] dumby.
Ella was the perfect age and size for Ewoks. She is still pro-Ewok.

Meta Minute

  • 18:04 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: plug for and the first official STAR WARS MINUTE t-shirt.
  • At the time this episode aired, Bastille Day (July 14th) was a little over a month away; time enough to order your SWM t-shirt and celebrate in style.
  • Leia is the only character to be shot twice and live. However, many characters are shot only once, including Kylo Ren (in The Force Awakens) and Poe Dameron (in The Last Jedi).
  • This minute is another one where the hosts come dangerously close to saying the show closer in sync.


  • Ella: He's [Harrison Ford] so 'Han-dsy'.


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