Jedi Minute 111: Doin' Han Solo Stuff

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June 8th, 2015


As the door to the bunker opens and the Imperial troops rush out, they’re surprised to find themselves surrounded by Rebels, their weapons pointed at them.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with Lando giving orders to various pilots, and ends with Darth Vader looking for Luke in the Emperor's crawlspace.
  • TIE interceptors.


  • Meredith specifically asked for Endor minutes.
  • Pilot confusion.
  • The (at that point) unnamed military-centric Gareth Edwards Star Wars anthology film.
  • The medical frigate and the Imperial Star Destroyers slugging it out like old-timey ships.

Meta Minute

  • 34:28 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Cute hotline call from John and Vivian in NM.
  • What system of measurement uses ".06"?
  • Sorry Pete, two members of the Skywalker fault appear in Rogue One.


  • Alex: Are you questioning my knowledge of medical frigates?!
  • Pete: (radio serial voice) Battle at the edge of space!


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