Jedi Minute 112: Sister

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June 9th, 2015


Vader stops and senses something. Luke shuts his eyes tightly, in anguish.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts out with Darth Vader looking for Luke under the stage and ends with Darth Vader musing about Luke's sister...sister.
  • Half of Luke's face is lit with blue light. Heavy-handed symbolism?


  • Saying "sister" as Darth Vader.
  • How long could Luke have hidden for? Mentioned: Die Hard, Ocean's Eleven.
  • The interactive display/mall directory under the Emperor's stairs.
  • How can Vader not see Luke? He must not have any kind of night vision.
  • Anakin probably hasn't had any friends since Tatooine (if ever). A pity.
  • Vader using the Force and misreading Luke's thoughts.
  • When did Vader learn that A) Luke existed and B) that he was his son?
    • No-prize answer. Mentioned: Peet N'Alex, Marie Skywalker.
    • Vader never senses the Force or any familial relationship in Leia.
    • Lucas made Luke and Leia brother and sister to give him a reason to freak out.
  • Obi-Wan's failures.
    • Anakin is obsessed with Obi-Wan and blames him for everything.
  • What the Emperor is doing during all this.
  • Meredith hates Luke in this movie; she prefers him in Star Wars.
    • His emotionless overconfidence bugs her.
  • Referenced: Billy Ocean.
  • Silly symbolism makes movies fun.
  • Meredith will be back tomorrow for Luke flippin' out.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute


  • Meredith: The doodads. Next to the whatchamacallits.
  • Alex: "Malls" were these kind of indoor shopping ceters; it's like Amazon but all spread out.
  • Pete: (Vader attempting to make polite conversation) I don't like sand...people.
  • Alex: "Happy Father's day, Dad. I'm in jail!"
  • Meredith: Here here! I think it's arty as [F-wing]. I love it.


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