Jedi Minute 113: Good Dark Side Stuff

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June 10th, 2015


Luke ignites his lightsaber and screams in anger, rushing at his father with a frenzy we have not seen before.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with Vader suggesting that Luke's sister could maybe be turned to the Dark side, and ends with Sheev saying "your hate has made you powerful."
  • "Never!"
  • The action is moving from right to left. Mirror image of the fight from Empire.
    • Another gantry.
  • Vader says "Bah!" again.


  • As previewed yesterday, Luke flips out.
  • Luke is tapping into the Dark side and getting stronger, whereas Vader is conflicted; the Emperor was right.
  • Recreating the lightsaber duel from Cloud City.
    • Death Star interior design.
  • Does Vader trip on his cape here? What a way to lose a fight.
  • Comparing this fight choreography to that of the Prequels.
    • Using lightsabers one- vs. two-handed.
  • The fate of Vader's lightsaber/hand. Call out to Jordan White.
  • All the wires in Vader's mechanical arm.
  • The Emperor is very entertained by this fight. Parallels/echoes the fight from the beginning of ROTS.
    • Is he stepping in and stopping the fight intentionally?
  • General thoughts on the Emperor and space wizards.
    • Mentioned: Party Down.
  • Meredith ranks the movies.
    • The Holiday Special.

Meta Minute

  • 25:52 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: plug for and additional premia for Patreon supporters.
    • Unfortunately the sticker program was discontinued in January of 2019, but Star Wars Minute: Week in Review was started concurrently, partially to make up for this.
  • The snaggletooth interior designer from Bespin was named Wiorkettle.
  • Isadora Duncan was a dancer who famously was killed when her scarf caught in the axle of her car.
  • Meredith did come back for AOTC, but wasn't on for Revenge of the Sith.
  • One of the things Pete is known to be curmudgeonly about is his preference for hard sci-fi over fantasy.
  • "The Naked Emperor" is the name of a previous episode of the podcast.


  • Pete: This movie needs more Hitler, that's what I'm saying.


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