Jedi Minute 116: Cosinga!

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June 15th, 2015


Luke writhes on the floor in unbearable pain, reaching weakly up toward where Vader stands watching.


Songe Riddle and Rachael Noel Fox



  • Starts with Luke being shocked (both literally and figuratively) and ends with with Darth Vader looking at the Emperor in a new light.


  • What does Luke getting zapped smell like? Ozone?
  • How the Emperor generates his lightning if the Force doesn't exist.
  • Are there any practical effects additions to the hand animation? The lightning animation and how they did it is pretty cool.
  • Rachel is (extremely) pro-Emperor. It's these scenes that totally suck her in and make her forget she's watching a movie.
  • Controversy over the Emperor's first name.
  • Canonized EU.
  • Why is Vader all weezy and weak? He really let himself go.
  • Luke's "lack of vision". The Emperor is really a sore loser.
    • It's ironic that he himself will soon display a lack of vision.
  • The Emperor could kill Luke immediately but wants to torture him instead.
  • The architecture of the Emperor's throneroom.
  • Support the Show. Buy some junk.

Meta Minute

  • 27:49 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Brian. This minute freaked him out so badly that his dad had to pull him out of the theater and assure him that Luke would survive, because the Emperor had just said he would die.
  • "Cosinga" is the specific name of a monotypic genus of firetip butterfly, Metardaris cosinga. No word on what the connection is between this butterfly and Palpatine.
  • 'TENS' stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.
  • Pete is a noted Dune fan, thus "remember the tooth" is most likely a quote from that novel.


  • Songe: (Calmly) I am Songe Riddle. "From Hell's heart I stab at thee." com? Alex: dot org.
  • Songe:...Sorry Pete. Pete: It's OK, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Rachel: I love the Emperor. I love him so much.


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