Jedi Minute 117: The Death of an Evil Force Guy

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June 16th, 2015


With one final burst of his once awesome strength, Darth Vader hurls the Emperor's body into the bottomless shaft.


Songe Riddle and Rachael Noel Fox



  • Starts with Vader watching Sheev zapping Luke, and ends with ships racing around the Death Star looking for some kind of exhaust port to fly down.
  • Finale of the Vader-Luke fight.


  • Rachel and Songe saw a falcon on the way over. A good omen!
  • Puns playing off "turns on" and "pickup". (Editor's note: nice).
  • Darth looking back and forth.
    • Emotions expressed only by camera moves.
    • Richard Marquand the television director. Lucas basically had to do everything himself.
  • The pickup is very awkward. The Emperor is stuck in 'lightning mode' and is very stiff.
    • Mentioned: Palpatine's Force lightning in Revenge of the Sith.
  • The Emperor doesn't appear to fight back at all when Vader betrays him, unless he switched to shocking Vader. Referenced: The Flintstones.
    • He doesn't use his laser sword.
  • Like everything in the Death Star, the pit in the Emperor's throne room seems to lead straight to the reactor.
  • Vader is acting on instinct and didn't think his actions through. He wasn't planning on killing the Emperor in this moment.
  • Changes in the Special Editions and the addition of "NO!'s".
Vader neck t.jpg
  • Darth Vader X-ray.
    • Parallels to Frankenstein.
  • When the Emperor dies, what causes the blue cloud? The death of an evil Force guy?
  • Mentioned: The Exorcist
  • What actually killed the Emperor? Couldn't he do some kind of Prequel-y Force thing to save himself?
  • Cybernetic body parts. Discussion of the Bionic Woman and the 6 Million-Dollar Man.
  • Rachel loves the toy talk and missed out on playing Star Wars toys with her friends.
  • Vintage Star Wars video games.
  • The Special Editions add material but don't necessarily fix things that needed to be fixed.
  • Abort, Retry, Fail?.

Meta Minute

  • 35:01 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call with a fan theory. Maybe Luke did learn how to block Force lightning and he is faking to get his father to switch sides out of sympathy; as soon as the lightning is over he seems no worse for wear.
  • In the US in the mid-eighties it was briefly fashionable to wear multiple Swatch watches at the same time.
"There's less at the core" just didn't have the same ring to it.
  • Gravity actually decreases as you move towards the core of an object like a planet. This is because the closer you are to the core of that object, the more "stuff" there is above you pulling you away from the core relative to the stuff below you pulling you toward the core.


  • Pete: (Sassily) Hey why don'tcha go find an exhaust port to fly down?
  • Songe: That's a really ill-defined scene. In a movie full of ill-defined scenes.
  • would that be a H[h]at trick? Pete: A Son Hhat trick. [Awkward pause] Alex: {quickly} So we'll be back tomorrow—
  • Pete: (as Vader realizing what he had just done to the Emperor) Oh, whoa! That leads all the way down. Sorry! [...] I just threw a guy down a hole—
  • Pete, Alex, and Songe: <various assorted "No's">
  • Songe: If Obi-Wan is to be believed [...] Pete: (Paraphrasing Romba the Ewok) That guy lies. Songe: Martin Short.


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