Jedi Minute 121: Seven British Actors

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June 22nd, 2015


Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker...Luke's father, dies.


John Kovalic



  • Starts with Anakin Skywalker saying to Luke "Go, my son."
  • Ends with a quiet reprise of the Imperial March on harp (or some other stringed instrument).


  • Referenced: Chickenman.
  • Mentioned: Wrong show
  • Anakin/Vader's various deaths and identities. How many people has he been, and how many of them have died?
  • Vader being disappointed in his son.
  • Where is everybody? Behind the scenes info.
  • Shaw and McDiarmid were friends. The small community of British Actors who all seem to know each other.
    • When he ran into McDiarmid on set, McDiarmid asked Shaw what he was doing there. Shaw was quoted as saying:

"I don't know, dear boy, I think it's something to do with science-fiction."

  • Mentioned: Green Eggs and Ham.
  • How awkward it would have been if someone were to interrupt them.
  • How much does Vader know about Luke's life? Luke filled him in on everything.
    • Anakin asking about Threepio and all his old friends from Tatooine.
    • Mentioned: Citizen Kane.
  • The importance of the father-son relationship for the success of the saga.
  • John shares general memories seeing the Star Wars films and Jedi in particular.
He didn't particularly like it, and feels that there are 2.5 good Star Wars movies.
John is reexpeiencing Star Wars with his daughter. They'd only get so far before it was her bedtime, and the next night she'd want to start at the beginning again.
He took her to Star Tours at Disney World, and they went on it 20 times in 4 days. His daughter got to be the Rebel spy like 5 times.
  • Return of the Jedi has returned to a higher place in our rankings.
  • John's Prequel memories, especially seeing TPM. His Phantom Menace Number is 2, AOTC number is 1, and ROTS number is less than 1. He still hasn't seen the whole movie. Mentioned: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005).
  • John ranks the movies.
  • John's daughter asked him to tell her a Star Wars bedtime story. He improvised a story about the Worst Stormtrooper Ever that he is working on publishing.
  • Support the show. John was an early supporter of the show on Patreon.

Meta Minute

  • 31:44 podcast episode length.
  • Hotline call from Josh in Washington DC. Due to the poor quality of the VHS tape he watched the movie on, he completely misheard Vader's last words to Luke.
  • The Mellotron is a type of tape replay keyboard. The Beatles used one when they recorded "Strawberry Fields Forever".
  • The start of another All-Star Week.
  • John is a three-peater
  • Father's day 2015 was yesterday.
  • Sebastian Shaw has only 24 words of dialog, but of these, there are only 16 unique words. These are:
about, already, go, have, leave, Luke, me, my, now, right, sister, son, tell, were, you, and your.
  • John's daughter will eventually appear on the show.
  • When John would later appear as a guest commentator during Revenge of the Sith Minute, he still had not seen the movie in its entirety, and the minute he was given is prior to when he snuck in to see it the first time in the theater.



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