Jedi Minute 122: Odin

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June 23rd, 2015


The Falcon heads for the main reactor, and when it is dangerously close, Lando fires the missiles, which shoot out of the Falcon with a powerful roar, and hit directly at the center of the main reactor.


Mike Norton



  • Starts with Luke solemnly accepting that his father may be dead after all for, like, a third time.
  • Finishes with Luke escaping the Death Star in a shuttle (Vader's?).
  • A lot happens in this minute.
  • Audible sniffle?
  • The central reactor room was a large miniature made from about 1500 fishing rods.


  • Mike joins the Trifecta club. It's the Return of the Norton.
  • Mike isn't actually anti-Ewok. They're just creepy enough.
  • Luke was right. Does he consider this a victory?
  • What's the best case scenario?
  • The fact that Luke and Leia are Vader's children could negatively impact their careers. A political-style attack ad featuring this fact.
  • If Vader had lived.
    • Vader needs his egg. Mentioned: The Execucisor.
    • Luke taking Vader to Dagobah. Darth Vader as a retiree (since Dagobah is like Florida).
    • Mentioned: Darth Vader's white armor. Referenced: The Lord of the Rings.
    • Since Thrrepio is a god to the Ewoks, he could introduce Vader to their pantheon.
  • Luke could have been a lot more broken up about his father's death. Mentioned: Malakili.
  • Wedge Antilles as the hero of the saga. Call out to Josh Flanagan.
  • The Death Star blows up gradually in stages. Comparison to the original Death Star explosion.
  • What if: Luke was on that thing when it blew.
  • Luke seems irritated at the explosions. He didn't want them to do it without him.
  • Mentioned: Wormie.
  • The TIE fighter pilot "pulling an Ozzel".
  • Chief Bast as the jinx: every Death Star he goes on blows up.
  • Mike ranks the movies.
    • He saw Attack of the Clones 5 times on opening day.
  • Mike will be back for the Prequels.

Meta Minute

  • 27:24 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Call in from former (and future) guest of the show Matt Gourley. Matt tells a story about a time his grandmother asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He asked for the Death Star Droid (not wanting to set his hopes too high), but his grandmother misheard him and ended up getting him the Death Star. Awesome.
  • The fact that Luke and Mon Mothma have the same hairstyle was brought up before, coincidentally on a Matt Gourley episode. An attack ad against Leia was also mentioned on this episode.
  • In Norse mythology, Odin is the father of the god Thor, much like how Anakin was the father (so to speak) of C-3PO, if you believe that kind of thing.
  • The first Death Star was 160 km across, and Death Star II was 200 km across which means that, by volume, it was only 50% larger.
  • There is a fishing rod used for fly fishing that has been nicknamed "the Death Star".
  • Mike previously expressed his disdain for Boba Fett in an 8-DAY-GREEDO call. He will be back for TPM and ROTS, but ironically, not for AOTC.



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