Jedi Minute 123: Lando's Atonement

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June 24th, 2015


Finally, just as it looks like the Falcon will not make it, Lando expertly pilots the craft out of the exploding superstructure and whizzes toward the Sanctuary Moon, only a moment before the Death Star supernovas into oblivion.


Tim Kreider



  • Starts off with Wedge flying out of the Death Star, and ends with Han telling Leia that she loves Luke.
  • The Death Star blows up, without the Praxis effect.
  • The Rebel trooper talking to C-3PO.


  • Ring Theory: Tim was on for the destruction of the original Death Star, and now he's back for the Death Star II explosion.
  • Tim is pro-Wedge.
    • He repeats the Wedge haiku from a previous appearance.
    • Ring Theory: having different actors do the body and voice of Wedge.
  • The versions of the screenplay where Lando and the Falcon don't escape the Death Star explosion. In the version that made it to film, the victory is too easy and nothing is really sacrificed. It's exciting but there's no danger.
    • This could have been the opportunity for Lando's atonement.
    • Mentioned: the trope of the black dude being the one to die first.
  • Han and Lando's friendship and the damage that was done when Lando betrayed him.
  • When in the movie a main character should have died to show that there are stakes.
  • The destruction of the Death Star as the climax of the whole trilogy.
  • The underwhelming explosion of Death Star II.
    • It's not as cool as the explosion of the first Mon Cal cruiser or the Imperial cruiser that is visible from the window of Home One.
  • Tim ranks the movies, but does not include the Holiday Special.
  • Sounds in space in Star Wars.
  • The fan theory that the destruction of the Death Star would ruin the ecology of Endor.
  • R2 is already on the mend. Contrast this with the constant dismemberment and humiliation of Threepio.
  • Pete's theory that the Force doesn't exist and Luke and Leia are not siblings.
  • Mentioned: "Freaks and Geeks".
  • All-star week continues.

Meta Minute

  • 32:19 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Jamie in Colorado. She and her friends did the teenage girl version of the Star Wars drinking game.
  • Tim's book I Wrote This Book Because I Love You came out in 2018.
  • Sorry, Tim, a young Wedge is featured in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon.
  • Vader's volcano fortress will appear in Rogue One.
  • The Klingon "dog " from Star Trek III is named Fifi Rebozo. This was a bit of a running joke on the Star Trek Minute.


  • Alex: A rain of dianogas.


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