Jedi Minute 124: Mister T's Milk

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That's milk from Mr. T. Ewww.


June 25th, 2015


Han looks down from the sky to Leia, a look of concern on his face. Leia continues to look at the sky as though listening for a silent voice.


Ron Richards



  • Starts with Han saying "...dontcha." and ends with horns sounding victory.
  • Horn sound swiped from The Ten Commandments (1956).
  • Wrapping up the Han-Leia storyline.
  • Last spoken line of dialog by a human in the movie: "He's my brother".


  • Shout-out to fellow iFanboy Conor Kilpatrick. All three of the iFanboy crew have now been on for Jedi.
  • Ewok party horns.
  • Spring break on Endor.
  • How to pronounce Kashyyyk.
  • Referenced: Krelman from the Holiday Special.
  • Dialog is very soap opera-y.
  • Acting choices in this scene and in the movie and the various (especially chemical) reasons behind them.
  • Critiquing the kissing.
  • Leia has passively accepted that Luke is/could be her brother; it really should have been a bigger deal.
  • How much do Luke and Leia know about their personal histories? How much do they tell the others?
    • Which droids get their memories erased? Mentioned: Flowers for Algernon. Referenced: HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Ewok interruption.
    • Similarity to the end of Temple of Doom.
  • Ron's ROTJ memories.
    • He is pro-Ewok. He was 6 so he was right in the Ewok-zone.
    • He identified with Malakili and felt bad for him.
    • To this day he laughs at the Ewok antics.
  • Ron ranks the movies.
  • Writing college essays about our favorite movies.
  • Blade Runner putting people to sleep.
    • Mentioned Mister T's Milk.
  • Other moments Ron would have wanted to comment on.
  • Give the show an honest good review on iTunes.

Meta Minute

  • 30:26 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Alex ordered them a 4-lb sack of Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar for $9600 by going to
    • At the standard affiliate payment rate of 4.0% of purchase price, this purchase would (back when the affiliate link still worked) have earned the guys $384.
  • Despite the lush, Northern California-like environs, Endor has only 8% surface water, according to Wookieepedia.
  • At the time this episode aired, Pete had not purchased Star Wars movies since the '97 Special Edition VHSes. He has since broken that streak.
  • The IndieGoGo campaign for The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan's Journeys was fully funded by the time it closed in July of 2015. The documentary has since been digitally released.
  • Mr. T played B. A. Baracus on "The A-Team". His character famously had a fear of flying, and the team had to try many elaborate tricks to get him on a plane. As a teetotaler, B. A. preferred milk to alcohol.


  • Alex: I have it on good authority of a lying ghost.
  • Alex: *brightly* Hello, I'm an Ewok! Hey kids, I'm the last image you see in the movie! Bye-bye!
  • Ron: That's [Temple of Doom is] my least favorite Indiana Jones movie. Alex: Worse than Crystal Skull? Ron: What's "Crystal Skull"?
  • Alex: Your six-year-old self doesn't get a vote. Sorry kid, you had your shot.
  • Alex: Mr. Teat.


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