Jedi Minute 12: Torture

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January 20th, 2015


The guard motions them into the boiler room, where they are met by a tall, thin humanlike robot named EV-9D9. Behind the robot can be seen a torture rack pulling the legs off a screaming baby work droid.


Joe Dator



  • Starts with R2-D2 entering the robot dungeon.
Ends with C-3PO being escorted out while begging R2 not to leave him.
  • There are no humans in this scene - all droids and creatures.
  • One of the droids is 8D8. Pete had this action figure.
  • There are other droids in this scene - old favorites from the past.
    • We see the Gonk droid and 2-1B without its mouthpiece.
  • The pig guard is the only non-robot in the room and the robots are clearly his superior.


  • Mentioned: Silence of the Lambs.
  • C-3PO sounds like Peter Sellers impersonating Margaret Dumont.
  • This is Joe's most least favorite thing in all of Star Wars. It uses torture for comedy, looks fake and is conceptually stupid.
  • There are torture scenes in all Star Wars movies.
  • It doesn't even look like the feet of the droid that is hanging upside down are being burnt. The rig looks like an animatronic creation and the last time the device is lowered it doesn't connect with the droid's feet.
  • Also, there is no logic behind the scene - why are there pain sensors in robots?
  • The droid being tortured talks in a comically high-pitched voice. It was voiced by Ben Burtt.
  • Another droid is EV-9D9 - she is a female droid. Why do droids have genders?
  • EV-9D9 is a well designed robot; she is art-deco like the Chrysler Building.
  • There were EV-9D9 action figures.
  • According to EU, EV-9D9 worked at Cloud City under Lando Calrissian.
  • EV-9D9 has three eyes. Her third eye was installed to allow her to see droid pain waves. This seems redundant in this scene given that the droid is clearly in pain.
  • EV-9D9 is into pain and body modification.
  • In the Return of the Jedi radio drama EV-9D9 is played by Yeardley Smith who voices Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons.
  • EV-9D9 is eventually turned on by the other droids and destroyed.
  • Ev-9D9 imagined as a snooty maitre d'.
  • 8D8 secretly disliked EV-9D9. There is lots of information about droids in this scene - they have secrets, can feel pain and have genders.
  • The script says that this area is called Cyborg Operations. There are no cyborgs here - there are only droids and beings.
  • C-3PO introduces himself. and his introduction is interrupted, in every movie.
  • Imagine the scene as the director torturing old characters.
  • Did Jabba send 2-1B's voice-box to someone as a message?
  • Referenced: The Godfather.
  • The movie cut to 2-1B being pulled apart immediately follows the line about the last translator droid being disintegrated.
    • Does this mean that the 2-1B was the last translator droid that is being disintegrated?
    • If so, perhaps Luke sent 2-1B first followed by C-3PO and R2-D2 - all as part of the plan.
  • Maybe these are all the same droids from the previous movies. If so, how did they all get there?
  • An alternate universe version of this movie is imagined in which 2-1B and the Gonk droid are a team (like C-3PO and R2-D2) and we follow their adventures.
  • Mentioned: Dukes of Hazard.
  • Wedge would be the alternate Luke.
  • Various iterations of the Jabba sequence with different droids.
  • There is a CZ droid in the background. Is anybody in the suit? Is Kenny Baker in there?
  • C-3PO must feel like he's trapped in a bad dream:
    • In the previous minute everyone was pointing at him and laughing.
    • Now he's in a placed designed to pull droids apart - his greatest fear!
  • Any movie can be made to be good by imagining them as the fever dream of the main hero.
  • Perhaps Luke is still being tested by Yoda at the magic tree.
  • The guards' only responsibilities seem to be attaching restraining bolts to the droids and then moving them on to the next station.
  • Droids putting restraining bolts on other droids is sad.
  • Alternate genre versions of this scene (e.g. horror).
  • Mentioned: Django; Saw; Harry Potter; Hunger Games.
  • This whole sequence would be CGI'd now.
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Meta Minute

  • 22:42 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read for
  • Torture scenes in Star Wars and in Empire.


  • Joe: I'm Joe Dator and I'm a feisty little one.
  • Pete: <As an animatronic voiceover> Welcome to Jabba's Dungeon. Welcome to Jabba's Dungeon. Welcome to Jabba's Dungeon.
  • Joe: Have they made an action figure of it? Pete: The chrysler building elevators?


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