Jedi Minute 130: Half a Billion Dollars

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July 3rd, 2015


Part III of the closing credits.


Chris Radtke



  • A whole 'nother episode of credits.
  • Starts with the credit for decor and lettering artist Bob Walker and ends with the credits for still photographers Albert Clark and Ralph Nelson Jr.



  • Closing the show early.
  • Good names
    • Dolly grip Chunky Huse.
    • Location accountants Diane Dankwardt and Pinki Ragan.
    • Studio transportation manager Mark La Bonge.
  • Sail coordinators.
    • Union rules say that have to have a rigging supervisor to rig the sails.
    • Commodore Chrysler.
  • Two Peters
    • Peter Ronzani, armature designer. Created and designed ED-209 from RoboCop.
    • Peter Dawson, effects technician.

Other Notes

  • IMDb's rankings of the Star Wars movies.
    • Chris' top 5 movies of all time.
    • IMDb: 5, 4, 6, 3, 2, 1.
  • The movie's box office (half a billion dollars) over its budget.
    • Comparison with Ghostbusters. Mentioned: Hardware Wars.
  • The Star Wars role-playing game. Mentioned: the dark time.
  • Referenced: Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything

for Love"

  • Star Wars video games.
    • Lego Star Wars.
  • Chris will be back this weekend, and on Monday!
  • Malakili and the Rancor.
    • Alex's love of Pugs.
  • Very smooth segue to plugging the weekend show. Shoutouts to Paul Scheer and Paul Rust.

Meta Minute

  • 24:51 podcast episode length.
  • As of early 2020, there was not yet a Legally Blonde Minute podcast.
  • Although other guests have come back on Saturday (for Star Wars Minute: Week In Review) after a full week of the main show, this is the first and only time a guest has stayed the entire weekend to return to the show the following week.


  • Pete: ...analyze, scrutinize, and special effects supervise...
  • Chris: This is a terrible conversation. It's like telling somebody "I had a dream last night..."
  • Chris: (on their decision to cover the Prequels) You guys are making a terrible mistake...


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