Jedi Minute 131: You're The Bongo

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July 6th, 2015


Part IV of the closing credits


Chris Radtke



  • The penultimate minute.
  • Credits, credits, credits: starts with the credit for Roy Arbogast (Sy Snootles' husband), and ends with all the guys who played Ewoks.


  • Radtke is back! He's a precedent-buster.
  • The alleged impropriety between Lucas and Annie Arbogast (Sy Snootles).

Ewok Credits

  • Two Peters (both Ewoks).
    • Peter Mandell
    • Peter Burroughs, the Swingin' Ewok.
      • Little person stuntman and Warwick Davis' father-in-law.
        • We have warm feelings for Warwick.
  • Felix Silla: Twiki the robot (Buck Rogers) and Cousin Itt (The Addams Family).

Other credits

  • David Fincher, asst. cameraman in the effects dept. (before he was the David Fincher).
    • Favorite David Fincher films.
  • Covering the Peters.
    • Peter Romano: the go-to guy for underwater photography.
      • Lives in a submarine or underwater lair (Editor's note - this is probably untrue, but we can't confirm).
    • Peter Amundson, effects editor.
  • Having actors doing all the sound and special effects.
  • Joe Johnston, who has since directed many well-known movies.
    • Lucas paid for him to go to USC film school.
Chris' remembers crying in the theater when he watched the credits of this movie because it meant Star Wars was officially over. This was the first time Star Wars ever made him cry.

Meta Minute

  • 27:42 podcast episode length.
  • Alex mispronounces Roy Arbogast as "Rob Arbocast".
  • Brian Bonsall is a former child actor best known to nerds as Worf's son that he almost never mentions (from Star Trek).
  • The Lucas-Arbogast connection was first mentioned during the Lapti Nek minute.
  • Actress Saffron Burrows was in Deep Blue Sea.
  • According to Wikipedia, Warwick Davis met the Burroughs family during the filming of Willow and three years later married Samantha Burroughs.
  • Not talking about The Phantom Menace was a running joke behind the scenes on the podcast.
  • Although Pete Romano did underwater photography for a bazillion movies, this is his only Star Wars credit.
    • This was in spite of real underwater shots in both Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith.
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Gone With the Wind (1939) were both directed by Victor Fleming.
  • Chris's allergies have been acting up this past week.


  • Alex: (re: the first rule of Fight Club) Don't talk about that! Pete: Aww. Wait, about which? Alex: Either one. Chris: The Phantom Menace. Seriously guys, you're making a terrible mistake.
  • Pete: Ronzani and Romano, Peters at law.
  • Alex (as George Lucas) and then Pete: (repeating) Sio Bibble, you're the bongo.
  • Pete: *flibbing his lips* I'M PETER ROMANO!
  • Chris: Listen, if I can just leave anything with you guys, I think you're making a terrible mistake doing the Prequels.


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