Jedi Minute 13: Fancy Man

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January 21st, 2015


Sloppy, smelly monsters cheer and make rude noises as Oola and a fat female dancer perform in front of Jabba's throne.


Joe Dator



  • This is a funky minute.
  • Starts with C-3PO being dragged away screaming in terror.
Ends in the middle of Sy Snootles singing Lapti Nek.


  • This minute is the reason that the hosts chose to cover the non-special editions of the movies - they did not want to spend a week talking about "Jedi Rocks" (the song / scene used in the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi).
  • This is also the scene that Joe specifically requested to be on the podcast for.
  • Chiropractors can easily cure the ailment "lapti neck".
  • The lifeless husk of CZ-3 is in exactly the same position as C-3PO as he is getting dragged away. This must be intentional and is supposed to be a gag.
  • CZ-3 must have been destroyed at the exact moment that he was asking a question given his position (i.e. arm raised).
  • R2-D2 gets turned into a waiter in a later minute; why does Jabba have to wait for R2 to turn up to do this? Couldn't he just purchase a proper waiter droid?
    • No one wanted to go out and buy a waiter droid because they were all too tipsy.
    • However they did buy, or already had, the waiter attachment for an astromech droid.
    • The UPS guy that delivered the attachment is probably still partying in the palace somewhere.
  • R2-D2 beeps in a disrespectful way in response to the "feisty little one" comment.
  • R2-D2 is the best actor in the movie so far and Kenny Baker is definitely in there in this scene.
  • Everyone seems to be shaking / wobbling in this sequence. Are they on the Sail Barge already?
    • The actors are trying to make the characters look real and have been told to keep moving.
  • More torture at the beginning of this minute and we then fade from screaming to disco.
  • The original version of the movie fades into the middle of the song whereas the special edition has a whole introductory sequence that is played directly to camera.
  • Critics in 1983 probably complained about the original musical number interrupting the movie. Joe points out that those critics had no idea how good they had it compared to Jedi Rocks 14 years later.
  • A song was definitely added to this movie because of how popular the cantina song was in A New Hope.
  • Supposedly George Lucas never liked the disco song Lapti Nek and this is why it was changed.
  • Lapti Nek was written by John Williams' son - Joseph Williams.
    • Joseph was also in the band Toto and had a musical career.
    • Mentioned: Toto songs "Africa" and "Rosanna".
  • Only a very short and unformed version of Lapti Nek is shown in the movie. It is nothing like the complete "Jedi Rocks" showcase in the special edition.
  • In real life, there are a few different versions of Lapti Nek available.
    • One version is considered to be a good aerobics song - which is ironic given that the song was sung to the "least mobile character in anything ever" - Joe.
    • The lyrics of Lapti Nek and all its different versions.
    • There are a few versions of Lapti Nek performed by a band called Urth (which is Joseph Williams' band). Urth released these versions as singles to try and make it popular.
  • In Warwick Davis' <never completed or released> movie Return of the Ewok a version of Lapti Nek is playing in the background with English lyrics but they are different from the generally accepted translation.
    • Mentioned: Warwick Davis movies Leprechaun and Willow.
    • In this version Lapti Nek translates to "Fancy Man".
  • In the generally accepted lyrics Lapti Nek translates to "Work It Out".
  • The hosts read out the lyrics of Lapti Nek.
    • The word "Wow" appears in the Huttese lyrics. This must be a universal word that appears in all languages.
  • Disco was already old in 1983 when the movie was released.
  • There were a lot of critics of this scene in 1983.
  • The Sy Snootles puppet is quite a feat of engineering and is also helped by the lighting and they way it is filmed.
  • During production of the movie, the song was first sung by a female sound engineer at Lucasfilm and then later by another artist. The first version was ultimately used and the second singer alleged that this was due to George Lucas favoring the first singer due to their personal relationship.
  • About the band

    • Sy Snootles.
      • She continued to work as a singer and was not killed in the Sail Barge explosion.
      • She was a "down on her luck" singer that later worked as a bounty hunter.
    • Max Rebo.
      • This is his stage name and his real name is Siiruulian Phantele.
      • The puppet only had two limbs and was sitting on the piano while playing the keyboard with his feet.
      • The toy changed this so that he had four limbs and was standing up.
    • Has the band ever done a song where they introduce themselves?
    • Droopy McCool.
      • He looks like a wrinkled Shar Pei and is playing a horn.
      • He is played by Deep Roy.
      • This is supposedly Deep Roy's second appearance in Star Wars as he claims to be the "walking Yoda" in The Empire Strikes Back.
      • For the nerds, Deep Roy has appeared in the sci-fi trifecta: Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars.
        • Actor Simon Pegg has also achieved this feat.
    • "Deep Roy" is the coolest name in history; "Droopy McCool" is the dumbest name in history; and they are one and the same person.<Joe>
    • Sy Snootles' mouths were better in the original version. She was changed significantly when she was later CGI'd.
    • Near the band, Boba Fett can be seen standing quietly and there is a guy in a fur coat (Macklemore?) dancing.
      • A lot of people are standing near and around Jabba the Hutt.
      • There are public tours of Jabba's Palace.
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    Meta Minute

    • 25:10 podcast episode length.
    • Cold-open: Voice-over by Joe - "Previously, on the STAR WARS MINUTE..."
    • goes into the full back story of Max Rebo's disappearing and reappearing limbs.


    • Joe: ...I'm a cartoonist for the New Yorker magazine. I've been on its Sail Barge for many years; the New Yorker Sail Barge.
    • Joe: <As C-3PO> Ooh!
    • Joe: Do you have any information about how long it took after being in Toto for his father to speak to him again?
    • Pete and Joe together: What you see of him is all there's supposed to be of him. Pete: Max Rebo on the keys. Alex: Literally on the keys.


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