Jedi Minute 15: Kill-Threepio

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January 23rd, 2015


The crush of debauchers moves aside to allow the approach of two guards followed by BOUSHH, an oddly cloaked bounty hunter, leading his captive, Han Solo's copilot, Chewbacca the Wookiee.


Joe Dator



  • Starts with Jabba being startled as he hears gunshots in the foyer.
Ends with the "Mighty Boushh" demanding 50,000, no less.


  • Referenced: "The Mighty Boosh"
  • "Gunshots in the Foyer" is the spec script that Yak-face was actually writing in the previous minute.
  • This minute starts with a series of comical sound effects.
  • Who is actually assaulting the palace? It appears to be Chewbacca, not the Mighty Boushh, which makes no sense.
  • The guard that slumps to the floor may just be in on the attack. His name is Doallyn and he is a middling criminal of some sort. Later, after the Sail Barge explosion and according to EU, he escapes with Yarna d'al' Gargan (see the previous podcast episode for details of Yarna).
  • Doallyn requires a special type of gas to breathe, hence the face mask, so when Chewbacca punches him he probably just has trouble breathing and collapses.
  • Mentioned: O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi.
  • Or is the face mask just an affectation?
  • More concerns about Luke's plan.
    • Chewbacca and the Mighty Boushh are able to get all the way to Jabba fairly easily. If it is that easy, why do they need the crazy, elaborate plan?
    • If they killed Jabba now then they would be overrun by EVERYONE / THING in the palace.
    • Although this may be unlikely given the tipsy state that they're all in and the fact that they didn't react to the gunshots in any way.
    • Doallyn's face mask may not be for breathing; it may be there to deliver some other substance to Doallyn.
    • It is a Rube Goldberg plan - very over-engineered.
  • Luke's standing / rank in the Rebellion. The Rebellion does not contribute to the rescue other than sending in 2-1B.
  • In an earlier draft script:
    • It was Lando that brought Chewbacca into the palace (he wasn't already there).
    • Leia was off doing something else entirely. Spoilers.
  • The Mighty Boushh has a crazy electronic voice and is speaking the Ubese language.
  • Jabba should have instantly noticed that this bounty hunter was, indeed, a petite woman.
  • Jabba must be onto them from the very beginning and is just letting it play out to see what happens until he kills them all. This is considered a winning theory to explain what happens next.
  • Boushh refers to the Mighty Chewbacca.
  • The Boushh action figure had a removable helmet and was very cool.
  • Was Boushh a real Bounty Hunter that Leia killed and stole the identity of - or did she just make up the character?
    • Or did Leia spend years developing the side character of Boushh for just this type of moment?
    • Maybe Leia was actually a bounty hunter - because, well, everyone is in Star Wars and all her Alderaan money was gone.
  • Another C-3PO "I can't even" moment as he almost gives away the entire plan by mentioning Chewbacca.
    • Jabba doesn't know that Chewbacca, C-3PO and Luke are all friends.
    • Boba Fett knows but he doesn't talk much.
  • Boushh speaks Ubese to Jabba, who speaks Huttese, that C-3PO translates into Galactic Basic <English>. Everyone understands Basic.
    • The language rules are loose and ill-defined.
    • Maybe C-3PO is not correctly translating what everyone is saying and is creating all the drama himself.
    • Alien languages with subtitles is a Star Wars thing and also avoids awkward accent stereotypes as seen in the Prequels.
    • There are moments in this sequence that are in an alien language (i.e. Huttese) that aren't subtitled or translated. Joe was able to understand it as he learned Huttese from the <imagined> language book that was handed out when you bought a movie ticket in 1983. Other things that you got with your movie ticket in 1983:
      • Program.
      • Scratch and sniff book.
      • Phrase book two weeks ahead of time.
    • Jabba - What does it smell like?. Weed; a blanket from the back of a hippie's van; opium; patchouli; frog guts; dark basement.
  • C-3PO calls Jabba "Your Worshipfulness". He must have picked that up from Han at some stage.
    • Han only called Leia "Leia" once as far as we know.
    • Maybe C-3PO said this sarcastically, which seems unlike C-3PO.
    • Mentioned: Steven from Django Unchained.
    • If the plan doesn't work, then at least C-3PO has a steady job with Jabba.
    • Would working for Jabba harden C-3PO over time or will he always be the same.
    • Maybe he would reach his limit and become Kill-Threepio. He may be like The Hulk.
    • Lots of credit to Anthony Daniels for his C-3PO performance.
    • You never see C-3PO costumes at Comic-Con because they are horribly uncomfortable to wear.
    • Pete proposes a "behind the scenes" C-3PO costume where you only have part of the costume on, are lying down on a cart, people are bringing you drinks all the time and you are just wheeled everywhere.
    • Other variations of C-3PO costumes.
  • Have the hosts ever dressed up in costumes?
    • Joe was Princess Leia for Halloween (his first time as a Star Wars character).
    • Pete - no, not as an adult.
    • How flattering the different types of Leia outfits are (it very much depends on your body type).
  • Marvel Comics Jabba is in the background; he was originally seen in the cantina.
    • Maybe this movie is a fever dream of Marvel Comics Jabba.
    • Readers of the Marvel Star Wars comics all thought that they knew what Jabba looked like (i.e. a dog in jodhpurs) before going into the movie but they were wrong.
    • Was this difference ever explained in the comics?
  • Boushh asking for more money is a smart move so that they don't seem too agreeable.
    • Is 50,000 a lot in the Star Wars universe?
    • Obi-Wan was going to pay Han 17,000 for taking them to Alderaan and Han could almost buy his own spaceship for 10,000 in A New Hope .
    • This means that one mighty Chewbacca equals 4.7 spaceships.
  • What the hosts think is going to happen next in the movie.
  • Thanks to, and from, Joe for the week.
 Joe had the toy Jabba set as a kid.
 It included the bowl / round clear crystal ball piece.
 He used green food coloring to make green water and tried to separate the crystal ball to make a bowl.
 It never quite worked as he intended.
 Lesson - never creatively try to modify your toys.
 Only play with them as instructed on the box.
 Or, better still, never take them out of the box in the first place.
 Joe doesn't even think out-of-the-box anymore.

Meta Minute

  • 28:02 podcast episode length.


  • Joe: ...and I'm going to be on the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast right now.
  • Alex: <In relation to Chewie> He's not even in manacles. Pete: He's not even in wookieacles.
  • Alex: The first Boushh batch.
  • Joe: <On not getting paid to do the podcast> Well, initially I held out for nothing - and I got it!


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