Jedi Minute 16: Lusto

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"I eat morons like you up for breakfast
Case dismissed".


January 26th, 2015


Jabba reacts to Boushh's offer of 50,000, and Jabba makes a counter offer.


David Itzkoff



  • Starts with Jabba reacting to Boushh's offer of 50k, no less.
Ends with Jabba making a counteroffer, which we'll find out about in the next podcast episode.


David's ROTJ memories
He can see the building that he grew up in from where the podcast is being recorded.
 Much like Luke Skywalker returning to Tatooine.
 David saw Return of the Jedi at a theater six blocks from where they are.
 Multiplex theater with six screens on 34th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.
 He saw E.T. at a theater across the street from that one.
 He stood in line for six hours for E.T. and for two hours for Return of the Jedi.
 Those were the days when you had to stand in line to get into a movie and would see scores and scores of people waiting to see it.
 And the biggest movie of the summer (maybe the year) would play in only six theaters in New York City.
  • In the scene where Jabba hits 3PO in outrage, Anthony Daniels is not wearing the legs of 3PO's costume so that he can safely fall over.
    • Other characters not wearing pants.
  • The set was supposedly ridiculously hot the whole time.
  • There would have to be characters and actors that were on set but never got into a single frame of the movie.
  • Also, there were some really large and detailed characters that we can hardly see because the set is so dark. These represent a lot of effort and it seems a shame not to see them.
  • Comparisons between the cantina scene and this scene.
  • More great work by Ben Burtt in this scene, although it could have had even more comical sound effects.
  • There is a good balance between tension, danger and comedy in this sequence.
  • This is the second of three times that someone is going in front of Jabba. The stakes keep increasing each time and this is true for the entire movie.
  • The rescue of Han is definitely not sanctioned Rebel business.
  • People visit Jabba all day to state their business and he either helps them or sends them to the rancor pit.
  • Mentioned: Night Court; Judge Judy.
  • C-3PO is genuinely heartbroken by getting swatted over by Jabba. He thought he was doing a good job translating.
  • C-3PO - the existential robot (as per an earlier quote - "We seem to be made to suffer").
  • When does C-3PO start to think of himself as Jabba's property (i.e. when does the change of ownership officially occur)?
    • Actually, he never seems to fully believe this and still thinks that he is Luke's property.
    • Droids should definitely not form attachments to other beings.
  • C-3PO gets up with green slime on him. Is the slime from Jabba?
    • If so, that is very troubling.
    • If not, where the slime is actually from.
  • Another shot of the Rodian (named Beedo, Greedo's cousin) still standing in the doorway - as he does for the entire palace sequence.
    • The actress who played Beedo was also one of the communication officers on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
    • The actress wore the communications officer vest on top of the Greedo suit to become Beedo.
    • Beedo's mum must have told her to take a sweater.
    • How the vest got from the Rebels on Hoth to Beedo on Tatooine. Via space Goodwill?
  • Other Greedo-type names that are / could have been used in Star Wars (e.g. Lusto).
  • Jabba should pay such an exorbitant price for Chewbacca because Boushh is holding a thermal detonator.
    • This seems to be an inexplicable bargaining technique. Boushh has to be prepared to blow up herself as well as Jabba. Who wins the deal if that happens?
  • "Because he's holding a thermal detonator" is a good general response to any WHY questions in real life.
  • The design of the thermal detonator is cool.
  • The thermal detonator can hold both hot and cold explosives - hence the "thermal" part.
  • There is another human guy in the background called Ardon Krell. He has a red headband and is always standing near Boba Fett.
  • Boba Fett, his ever increasing popularity and how this was acknowledged in the movies over time.
  • Ardon Krell was trying to stand next to Boba Fett because he knew he was popular and wanted to be in every shot with him.
  • The hosts discuss Doug Benson using a similar strategy as an extra in various movies.
  • Everyone freaks out when Boushh pulls out the thermal detonator. It is the most "Muppety" moment in the movie.
    • Possible Salacious Crumb backstories to explain why he looks and behaves like a Muppet.
    • Salacious Crumb and his relationship with / to Jabba.
  • Jabba seems to like Boushh but it is not clear if Boushh heard or understood this comment.
  • Possible tension between Boba Fett and Boushh to be Jabba's favorite.
  • The selective use of sub-titles and translations.
  • The sub-titles are euphemistic and do not represent exactly what Jabba said.
  • Bantha fodder and what it is. Everyone in the Star Wars universe knows what Banthas are.
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Meta Minute

  • 28:52 podcast episode length.
  • An 8-DAY-GREEDO caller tells us that he also thought Oola transformed into a frog after falling into the rancor pit.
  • Like every previous Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi was the highest-grossing film the year it was released. The first movie in the saga to break this run was Attack of the Clones.


  • David: This is where I would look up into the sky and see two suns. And my parents would wonder "why is he seeing two suns?".
  • Pete: "Uhh, mighty Jabba, my car is stuck and I wanted to..." (As Jabba) "Ho ho ho..." Alex: He's like Night Court.
  • David: He landed on Jabba's party tray.


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