Jedi Minute 17: Hutt High

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You can just leave the bottle.


January 27th, 2015


Chewbacca growls. As he is led away we spot LANDO CALRISSIAN, disguised as a skiff guard in a partial face mask.


Dave Itzkoff



  • Starts in Jabba's palace as C-3PO is handling negotiations between Jabba and Boushh.
  • Ends outside the palace as a creature called a Worrt is trying to eat something on the ground.


  • Chewbacca being in on the ruse.
    • He's not handcuffed.
    • How good an actor is Chewbacca? (Peter Mayhew is a great actor as we know.)
    • C-3PO is definitely not in on it. He would have given it away immediately.
    • Etiquette droids should be able to keep secrets.
    • Perhaps C-3PO does know everything and is just overselling the secret.
  • C-3PO has a joyous reaction when Boushh agrees to the deal.
    • C-3PO doesn't want to be blown up again. Robots suffering from stress.
    • When is the first time that C-3PO was wrecked?
    • What actually blew him up on Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Boushh and C-3PO move towards each other like they're about complete a transaction.
    • Boushh may be giving the thermal detonator to C-3PO, which does not sound like a good idea. This is more evidence that this is a bad plan.
  • Bib Fortuna exchanges quick words with Boushh. This is like a verbal high-five between them.
    • Bib Fortuna may just be taking Boushh's drink order.
    • How Boushh physically drinks given his face mask and helmet design.
  • Boba Fett nods knowingly and the band starts playing Chewbacca's exit music.
  • This music versus Lapti Nek.
  • How music has evolved on Tatooine between the movies.
    • There may have been Goth, Emo and Classic Rock phases.
    • Jabba mainly likes the music from when he was at school at Hutt High.
  • Chewbacca is led away by Gamorrean Guards that sound like Itchy (Chewbacca's dad) from The Holiday Special.
    • Maybe they're speaking to him in Wookiee.
    • Chewbacca's brothers and sisters from EU.
    • How Wookiees breed.
  • Why Boba Fett is at Jabba's Palace.
    • Jabba is keeping him there for when Luke Skywalker or someone else inevitably arrives to rescue Han.
    • How widely known is Han's and Luke's friendship at this point and how much does Jabba know about what's happened up to this point?
    • Vader probably explained everything to Boba Fett at the dinner on Cloud City and Boba Fett has passed that along to Jabba.
    • Plus the rumor mill is running hot on Tatooine about Wormie.
  • Han in carbonite is Jabba's ultimate indulgence.
    • How long was Jabba going to leave Han in the carbonite?
  • There is a quick shot of Salacious Crumb coming back to his cushion after being scared by Boushh and the thermal detonator.
The hosts talk about doing silly things and hoping that no-one noticed.
 Pete shares the following story:
 Pete once saw a guy come out of his house and stumble down his outside stairs.
 The guy kept walking but looked around to make sure that no-one saw him.
 As the guy was looking around he stepped in dog poop in the street.
 The guy kept looking around as he cleaned up.
 He then walked away thinking that he had got away with it.
 But...Pete was watching the whole time.
 Only Pete know about the guy's embarrassment.
 That very guy may be listening to <or reading> this story.
  • Our old friend Lando Calrissian is there at the palace.
    • Why Lando pulls down his mask. It really could have given away the already bad plan.
    • He pulls down the mask for the audience - in case we had all forgotten that he has a mustache.
  • The hosts discuss whether Lando:
    • Is in disguise and pretending to be another character (like Leia with Boushh).
    • Is there "as Lando". He may be pretending to be down on his luck so that he can work for Jabba.
  • Pete claims that Jabba says the word Lando in a later minute of the movie.
  • Boba Fett is there but it is unclear if he knows which side Lando is on at this point.
    • Lando must be playing a long con to get his close to Jabba.
    • In EU Lando is there under a different name - Tamtel Skreej.
    • Various scenarios that explain Lando's presence at the palace.
    • Maybe he just happened to be there and got swept up in the rescue.
    • People at the palace probably did know that it was Lando but were waiting to see what happened because they all wanted Jabba dead. Everyone is just going with Lando's story and are waiting to see how it plays out (including Jabba).
  • The tusks on Lando's helmet are from an animal called a Gondar.
    • These are different to gundarks - the creature that Luke looked strong enough to pull the ears off of.
  • What Chewbacca is saying as he gets taken away.
  • Jobs that Jabba could have given Chewbacca in the palace.
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Meta Minute

  • 25:35 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read for


  • Pete: Bada-Boushh.
  • Dave: This is how we exchange money and also blow things up.
  • Alex: Jabba is keeping [Boba Fett] on hand. Pete: On Han.
  • Dave: If you could just download the webcam of your mind...
  • Pete: The Salacious Crumb of Greenpoint in the 90s.


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