Jedi Minute 18: Tatooine Chainsaw Massacre

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January 28th, 2015


A shadowy figure moves stealthily among the columns at the perimeter of the room and is revealed to be Boushh, the bounty hunter. He picks his way carefully through the snoring, drunken monsters.


Dave Itzkoff



  • Starts with a worrt eating an ibian (apparently).
Ends with Boushh the bounty hunter pressing the unhang button.


  • The worrt is the larger creature. It is definitely a Henson muppet creature.
    • Worrt's are venomous but can be trained.
    • There is a fine line between an alien and a pet in the Star Wars universe.
  • A worrt is different to Bubo, which is the frog-dog inside the palace. Worrts are also different to the Tatooine frog that Jabba ate earlier in the movie.
  • It's night-time at Jabba's palace.
    • Everything in Jabba's Palace has passed out where they were partying. It's like Jessie Pinkman's house (from "Breaking Bad").
    • Are there no residential quarters in the palace?
    • There is a teetotaling Gamorrean guard sleeping on a double bed somewhere in one of the towers of the palace.
  • Boushh enters the room and walks out of his way to bump into the wind chimes that are inside and far from the entrance.
    • Again, this is a bad plan.
    • A Clouseau-esque comical scene in which Boushh bumps into every cliched noisy thing (e.g. he falls down some stairs; steps on broken glass; bumps into a cat, a piano, a kettle drum and some cymbals; steps on a dog's tail; knocks over a carton of eggs).
    • Why did Jabba have wind chimes anyway?
  • About Boushh:
    • A bounty hunter that worked for Prince Xizor.
    • Mentioned: the video game "Shadows of the Empire".
    • Boushh was killed three years after the Battle of Yavin <when Leia took his identity>.
  • Did the real Boushh wear a mask or was the mask a part of him? If the latter is true, does this mean that Leia is effectively wearing Boushh?
    • We have seen Bounty Hunters that are mostly mechanical.
    • Leia could have worn Bossk's body as an outfit.
    • This concept makes the scene sound like something from Tatooine Chainsaw Massacre.
    • Dengar would be an easier costume for Luke.
    • However Bossk and Dengar are both at the palace so this wouldn't have worked.
    • Scenes in which the real Bossk and Dengar meet Leia and Luke dressed as them.
    • Mentioned: The mirror scene in Duck Soup.
  • There's not a clear camera shot of the aliens lying around.
    • The costumes might be empty given that it was so hot on the set and probably late in the day.
    • These people might actually be the movie crew lying around and sleeping after a long day of shooting.
    • The character costumes wouldn't have looked good lying down.
  • The sleeping arrangements in the palace.
    • You sleep where you pass out and you're not allowed upstairs where Jabba's mum is.
    • Guests are not allowed to drive home drunk.
    • All vehicle keys are handed to valet parking droids.
    • The droids occasionally mix up the keys and give you the wrong one.
  • How long did it take for this opportunity to present itself to Boushh? Is this the same day that Boushh arrived or is it days later? There must always be people / creatures in the main room of Jabba's Palace.
    • Maybe Boushh bought substances for everyone to get them tipsy.
    • Jabba doesn't have any guards inside at night. This is a Gamorrean guard union rule - they don't work at night.
    • Everyone may just be pretending to sleep as they know what's going on and want to see what happens.
  • There is a still life painting hanging on the wall next to Han.
    • Jabba's art taste is banal and Han hanging there is ruining the aesthetic.
    • Everything hanging on the wall has some significance to Jabba and has a story behind it.
  • Do Han and Chewbacca have the same bounty on their heads?
    • Boushh was expecting 50,000 credits for Chewbacca.
    • Han and Chewie together as a set in mint condition were worth one amount. If Chewie was missing his bandolier then he was worth a little less, and so on.
Together120,000 credits
Han by himself70,000 credits
Chewbacca by himself30,000 credits
(35,000 in the movie)
  • Who actually owes Jabba money?
    • Jabba has a grudge against Chewbacca and clearly wants him too. Given this, why didn't Boba Fett capture Chewie back on Cloud City as well? Perhaps he just didn't have time.
    • There are "Wookist" tendencies in the Star Wars universe.
  • Boba Fett got more money from Jabba for Han because he convinced Jabba that the carbonite is a work of art created by Darth Vader.
    • Did Darth Vader sign the carbonite and is there a certificate of authenticity?
    • Darth Vader also created C-3PO, and Luke and Leia are Darth Vader's children, so Jabba had everything of Vader's in the one room.
    • Is Vader choking you also a "work of art"?
    • Vader choking ten people at once to create works of art to sell to raise some revenue for the Empire.
    • Jedi can choke multiple people at once as shown with Obi-Wan in an earlier draft of the script for A New Hope.
    • Obi-Wan walking around The Death Star choking everyone in a 30-foot radius.
  • Boushh presses the unhang button but we don't know what Boushh's motivation is at this point.
  • There is technology built into the carbonite block. Maybe it's a little iPod so that Han can listen to music.
    • Can the carbonite block still levitate? No, this was technology on Cloud City only.
    • Boushh is trying to steal the carbonite block.
    • Mentioned: Night at the Museum.
    • Maybe Jabba has a pallet jack to carry these things around.
  • The body of Han frozen in carbonite is from Alan Harris, the famous Star Wars stand-in (Harris was a stormtrooper, a Bespin guard, Bossk, Chancellor Valorum, and a lighting double for Anthony Daniels).
    • How the body cast was made.
    • Is this the same prop from The Empire Strikes Back?
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Meta Minute

  • 23:35 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: It's like the line between what is an alien and what is a pet. The Chewbacca boundary. Pete: The "Chewboundary."
  • Dave: I didn't come here in The Death Star; I came here in a landspeeder. Pete: Are there keys for The Death Star?
  • Dave: (In regards to Vader creating works of art when he chokes people but these becoming less valuable every time he does it) He really is like the Picasso of crushing your wind-pipe. Pete: Supply and demand. Air Supply and demand. Alex: All out of love.


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