Jedi Minute 20: Busted!

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January 30th, 2015


As Leia helps her weakened lover to stand up, the relative quiet is pierced by an obscene HUTTESE CACKLE from the other side of the alcove.


Dave Itzkoff



  • Starts with Boushh telling Han to just relax.
Ends with Han telling Jabba that it's not his fault (classic Han!).
  • We find out that Boushh is actually Princess Leia - here to rescue Han.


  • Thanks to Dave for the week of podcast episodes.
  • Boushh was briefed that Han would be suffering from hibernation sickness.
  • The symptoms of hibernation sickness and how these were discovered.
  • Did Leia (pretending to be Boushh) change the language setting on her mask to Basic or was Leia just speaking the other language the whole time?
  • Leia is a very resourceful character.
  • Or was she just speaking nonsense the whole time and C-3PO was translating it into Huttese? If so, this means that C-3PO is very shrewd.
  • C-3PO may be running a super long con across all of Star Wars movies.
  • Mentioned: Keyser Söze.
  • C-3PO being coded or upgraded to help with the rescue plan.
  • The voice of Boushh was not performed by Carrie Fisher; it was a different actress that was also involved in creating the voice of E.T.. Boushh and E.T. are her only two voice credits.
  • Mentioned: Fredo Corleone.
  • The confusion caused for Han by Boushh saying "someone that loves you" in the mask voice.
  • Han and Leia being in love.
  • Leia should have brought along some ugnaughts to help Han re-orientate himself.
  • The substance on Han's shirt. Mustard? Goop?
  • What it's like for Han to come out of carbonite.
  • Did they have to pay Lando for taking the clothes from Bespin? Probably not, given that he stole Han's clothes in return.
  • Why did Leia take of the mask when she did? For drama.
  • Leia wearing make-up under the mask.
  • Han is very vulnerable in this sequence of the movie. Leia is there to comfort him.
  • If this was a better plan and they escaped together at this point then what happens to Chewbacca and the droids? Would they just be sacrificed or would Luke still arrive to rescue them?
  • Either way, Lando would stay and put in his two weeks of work so that he can join the Skiff Guard union.
  • Why Jabba hangs out behind the curtain and is fully awake.
  • Covering C-3PO's mouth does stop him from talking (see ESB minute 8).
  • Why is C-3PO even here for this sequence? He doesn't translate a single word.
  • Why is Jabba letting this all happen to his most prized possession? None of this sequence makes any sense.
  • Jabba must really want Luke and/or Leia and Han is just the bait. If so, the whole ruse is probably being organised by Bib Fortuna.
  • How long was Jabba and his crew waiting behind the curtain? 4 hours; longer?
  • There are curtains on both sides of Han and Leia and one of them seems to be an animated, painted or CGI'd fake.
  • "CGI Curtains", the regional fast food chain.
  • Boushh's hat / helmet has some nice lights in it; this must have been quite complicated to rig up in the 80's. What is the purpose of these lights?
  • How did Salacious Crumb stay quiet the whole time they were behind the curtain?
  • There is a nice slapstick gag when Han is facing the wrong way as he first talks to Jabba.
  • What the audience thinks of the weak and vulnerable Han Solo.
 Dave's Star Wars comments:
 Return of the Jedi is an important movie to him.
 The Jabba sequence is exciting as it lets the audience see the heroes in an unusual setting and dealing with different threats.
 Nowadays this movie would definitely be split into two movies.
  • A lot of upcoming podcast guests want the Admiral Ackbar minutes.
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Meta Minute

  • 26:08 podcast episode length.
  • Around the time this episode would have been recorded, the USA was in the process of normalizing relations with Cuba.
  • Pete references the mass burial of thousands of unsold Atari game cartridges in Alamogordo, New Mexico.


  • Alex: Maybe she studied at... Ube U.


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