Jedi Minute 26: He's Gonna Git You!

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February 9th, 2015


A few screams, and the guard is swallowed with a gulp.


John Skrzypek and Adam Santiago



  • Starts with the rancor emerging from its keep.
Ends with Luke about to be eaten by said rancor.
  • The rancor is the first giant monster in Star Wars.


Awesome puppet.jpg
  • The rancor puppet is awesome.
  • Multiple methods were trialed to create the rancor.
  • It is surprising that the rancor was not redone in the Special editions. The compositing looks terrible. Adjustments have been done in the most recent version of the movie.
  • The Gamorrean guard that gets eaten may be the most pitiful character in the Star Wars movies. Even the other guards are laughing. He was the Gomer Pyle of the unit.
  • The guard does a double take, squeals and runs.
  • The pop-up book mentioned in the cold-open and the backstory. The last pop-up in the book is the rancor keeper cutting open the dead rancor and the Gamorrean guard, who is alive, jumping out holding Jabba's missing lucky charm.
  • Rancor meat may have been served at Dengar's wedding reception.
  • In the shot of Jabba's minions laughing there is a Greedo just standing there motionless with his arms out.
  • The quality of Rodian acting.
  • Mentioned: Transformers.
  • Luke makes no effort to save the guard but also does not take advantage of the rancor being distracted. He just stands there and watches.
  • The rancor attacking Luke. Luke won't taste as good as the Gamorrean guard.
  • Luke just waits to be picked up - then rancor moves very slowly, like a frame at a time.
  • Are there any other creatures in the keep? The bone is picked very clean (too clean for the rancor to have done it).
  • Other ways of dying in the rancor pit (such as natural causes).
  • A cut scene in which Luke Force jumps up to the grill over the pit and then gets knocked down by Jawas.
  • Jabba looks like an Italian mob boss.


  • Rancor facts:
    • Not native to Tatooine.
    • Reptomammals (half reptile and half mammal). Wampas are also reptomammals.
    • A rancor called Tosh was once taught to read and write.
    • Ben Burtt used a Dachshund to provide the sound effects for the rancor.
  • The rancor toy was very cool. It was a large toy and had arms that could be moved up and down.
 Adam was once in a bar and saw a toy rancor behind the bar.
 He asked the bartender if he could play with it and so the bartender handed it over.
 He sat there for quite a while playing with the rancor toy.
  • Toys and board / card games in bars.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:58 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - Jabba's Palace pop-up book and some of the superb back-story relating to the Gamorrean guard that is eaten by the rancor.
  • Alphabeatical week on THE STAR WARS MINUTE.
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla will coincidentally be brought up again next week.


  • Pete: (paraphrasing Lloyd Bentsen) I knew Greedo, I worked with Greedo. Beedo, you are no Greedo.
  • Alex: They shot the puppet... Adam: They shot a puppet?! John: Oh no.


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