Jedi Minute 27: Immune to Rocks

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February 10th, 2015


At the last moment, Luke wedges the bone in the monster's mouth and is dropped to the floor.


John Skrzypek and Adam Santiago



  • Starts with Luke about to be chomped on by the rancor.
Ends with Luke trapped inside the rancor pit noticing something.


  • Is the rancor evil or just being a rancor? He may just be misunderstood.
  • A rancor that is trained to read and write cannot write to her own family.
  • More bad compositing in this sequence as Luke jams the bone into the rancor's mouth.
  • The scale of Luke and the rancor is also different in the various shots.
  • The rancor getting mad and dropping Luke.
  • Jabba's minions are disappointed when the rancor drops Luke. There is a "down the line" camera shot of the minions but they can't be getting a very good view of the show. Jabba's palace is not well designed for viewing the pit.
  • Are there TVs in the Star Wars universe? Yes - in a few scenes.
  • A new approach to film directing in which the Director just waits a really long time for the actors to do things and then cuts all of that together to make a movie.
  • A Cinéma vérité Star Wars movie.
  • Character traits shared between Anakin and C-3PO.
  • Mentioned: Data and Lore in Star Trek.
  • Rancor noises and sound effects. The soft growling noise that the rancor emits is similar to the sound effects used for many spaceships in the later Star Wars movies (see AOTC minute 17).
  • The number of sound files, and the general approach, used by Ben Burtt.
  • Could Luke have tried the bone trick on the rancor again?
  • What Obi-Wan would say if he showed up as a Force ghost at this exact moment?
  • More rancor facts:
    • Rancor hides are immune to laser blasts. They should have wrapped The Death Star in rancor pelts.
  • The rancor reels back after being hit by a rock. Was this a Force throw with a lot of power?
  • Luke runs straight through the rancor's legs; don't look up. The symbolism of this sequence.
  • Various movie projects for Pete to undertake.
  • Door pranks that Jabba could have played on Luke.
  • Luke gives up on the first door very quickly.
  • Jabba knowing Luke (and other characters) from Tatooine previously.
  • A recap of the action in this minute.
  • What does it smell like? The rancor pit - horsey, mildewy, a coffee house, the reptile house at the zoo, a rubbish dump.
  • Does the rancor pit need to be swept out regularly?
  • Where the rancor usually lives in the palace and how Jabba uses the pit for entertainment.
  • The Jedi Luke action figure with a lightsaber and cool cloak.
  • The various colors of Luke's action figure lightsabers.
  • Living with a cloak of invisibility.
  • Plug for Alphabeatical.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 22:52 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from User:Kabutton - As a young child he tried to replicate this scene by wedging his own mouth open with a pretzel stick (like Luke with the rancor) and got the pretzel stuck between his gum and his teeth. It was very painful and he has empathized with the rancor ever since.


  • All the hosts: (trying to speak in unison) We're Alphabeatical.
  • Adam: Jabba the Hutt for Red October.


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