Jedi Minute 30: Make The Droid Serve Drinks

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February 13th, 2015


One of the skiffs glides close, revealing Luke, Han, and Chewie — all in bonds — surrounded by guards, one of whom is Lando in disguise.


John Skrzypek and Adam Santiago



  • Start with Jabba laughing as Luke and Han are escorted to their execution.
Ends with Jabba pulling Leia closer and telling her something.
  • The first shot of Jabba's sail barge and skiffs.
  • The other Jabba song.


  • How long would it have taken Leia to appreciate Jabba?
  • Life in the palace two years later if Luke had been killed by the rancor.
  • All of the aliens awkwardly stumble out of the palace. Shasa Tiel (the Ishi Tib) has her arms raised like she's excited.
  • The aliens are excited to get out of the house, like kids.
  • Mentioned: Spaceballs.
  • There is a weird animated shadow man on the sail barge.
  • Skiff is not a commonly used word.
  • Mentioned: Transformers: The Movie (1986)
  • Special Edition changes to this sequence involving a herd of banthas. They look like buffalo on the plains.
  • R2-D2 is being used as a drinks waiter. Is the tray available as an attachment that can be purchased or was it made as a custom item?
  • Is R2-D2 mixing the drinks as well as serving them? Is there a bar-tender or a bartender droid?
    • Referenced: iZac from "Futurama".
  • It is suggested that the reason that the bartender in the Cantina in A New Hope hates droids so much is because they're taking bartender jobs.
  • Mentioned: Short Circuit (1986).
  • A floating droid would be better for serving drinks.
  • Other possible jobs for R2-D2 on the sail barge.
Is Kenny Baker in there? Let's hope not.
  • R2-D2 as a moving rubbish bin.
  • There is an Ugnaught in the background on the sail barge. Apparently he gets really drunk and was trying to kill Princess Leia.
  • Mentioned: Jessica Rabbit.
  • These scenes were not filmed in Tunisia; they were filmed in Arizona on a huge, full-scale set.
    • The first set was built and left over the weekend but was consumed by the desert sand, so a second set had to be built.
    • Using CGI versus practical sets.
  • The best type of movies to make for directors, and an alternate career direction for George Lucas.
  • Quotes / paraphrases from the Star Wars movies.
  • Han and Luke's exchange in this sequence is annoying, not funny and slightly creepy.
  • It sounds like Luke says "Landau" instead of "Lando".
  • More bad compositing when they're standing on the skiff. It is clearly a blue / green screen.
  • Why film effects got worse in the late 80s. Was this due to budget issues?
  • The skiff seems like a very dangerous vehicle to be standing up in.
  • Jabba's Palace may be the worst Frat House in the galaxy—dangerous and generally boring.
  • Jabba and Bib Fortuna are very creepy with Leia at the end of this sequence.
  • Leia is staring out the window as if she was trying to catch the score of the game.
  • The Jawas sitting on Jabba.
  • A half hour into the movie - still a long way to go.
  • Thanks to, and from, John and Adam for the week.
  • Plug for the podcast Alphabeatical.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 24:00 podcast episode length.
  • The song that Max is playing is called "Galactic Dance Blast!".
  • Yoxgit first appeared in Cloud City, where he was portrayed by Hazel Allen. The mask was reused for ROTJ but he was played by a different, uncredited, actor.
  • Lando has been referred to as "Landau" before. In minute 80 of ESB, Joe Dator revealed that the Lobot headpiece he saw in a museum was marked as belonging to "Landau's assistant."


  • Pete: Like a torso in the dungeon.
  • Pete: You can't show gin and tonics on ABC Family. You can drink gin and tonics while watching ABC Family; I've tested that theory.
  • John: Get me a drink off the robut.
  • Pete: (as creepy religious zealot Luke) I'm sorry I couldn't hear you, I was talking to the Force.
  • Pete: Ghoooooooooooooooel!


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