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February 24th, 2015


The little skiff skips around the burning Sail Barge, which continues its chain of explosions.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Starts with two upside down droids being pulled up by giant magnets.
Ends with Luke and R2 on his way to the Dagobah system.
  • First time we see Luke's X-wing and the Millennium Falcon in the movie.


  • A fast costume change for Luke - maybe he was wearing this outfit under his robes.
  • The flying debris moves very slowly as the fly around it. The skiff may be quite difficult to control.
  • The end of the Sail Barge, Jabba and many of his minions.
  • The "common man" seems to get killed all the time in the Star Wars universe with no regard for their families.
    • The most dangerous jobs in Star Wars actually seem to be the safest ones.
  • What it was like on the Sail Barge just before the attack started.
  • The impact of the Sail Barge explosion on the people left at Jabba's Palace.
  • Jabba's rise and fall as a crime boss.
  • A call for Jabba and Han Solo (or even Jabba/Solo) fan fiction.

The Sandstorm

  • This was the first day of filming.
  • The cut scene from between the explosion and Luke flying to Dagobah in which the heroes walk back to the Millennium Falcon and a Y-wing in a sandstorm as they provide general exposition. Whose Y-wing is that?
  • In a draft script for the cut scene Han explains to Luke that being in carbonite is a "big wide-awake nothing". That is horrifying.
  • What Darth Vader knew about being frozen in carbonite.
  • Claustrophobia and Sleep Paralysis.
    • Mentioned: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison.
  • Han being frozen in carbonite makes him like a collectible figurine. Jabba may be the ultimate toy collector. Boushh basically removes Han from his packaging.
  • The cut scene was really well directed and produced.

Other Notes

  • Special editions of the movie as well as possible musical versions. Every afternoon Disneyland does an original story musical version of Star Wars involving Jedi Mickey and popular songs of the day.
  • Gangnam Style versus Gungan Style.
  • Did Luke know that he was going to Dagobah straight from here? More one-sided exposition by Luke.
  • R2-D2 must hate going to Tatooine and Dagobah.
  • How do the droids work in the sand? They must be full of it by now.
  • Luke going to Dagobah before rescuing Han - there's no real rush as Han doesn't have any real concept of time (unless the carbonite is positioned near a clock).
  • Han says that he owes Luke one but this is totally wrong. Han has saved Luke twice while Luke has now only saved Han once, so Luke still owes Han one. Jenny says that's not how it works - Luke still owes Han two while Han now owes Luke one. Eventually they'll arrive at a balance.
  • What qualifies as being worth "one"? Both parties have to agree.
  • The words on the X-wing's screen (from R2-D2) seem to be floating above the screen as they do not move with the spaceship.
  • It seems very inefficient to have a droid beep and then have those beeps translated into words on a screen.
  • Why R2-D2 can't speak Basic.
  • Mentioned: the Tardis from Doctor Who.
  • Actors that could have voiced R2-D2 and what R2 is actually saying.
  • Mentioned: Siri.
  • Luke puts a glove on over his shot and wrecked robot hand.
  • Leia sounds quite romantic and emotional at the beginning of the radio transmission but then reverts to all business shortly thereafter. Awkward.
  • Was the audience still supposed to think that there was a love triangle between Leia, Han and Luke at this point?
  • Mentioned: Hunger Games.
  • Leia's two romantic options at this point are her brother and a guy who has gone crazy in carbonite. Isn't there a third option? Lando's chances are increasing all the time.
  • Other romantic options for Leia.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: Jedi robes are "stripper robes". Jenny: Do you know any strippers who wear robes?
  • Alex: (as Yak Face's kid) "Mommy, when's Yak Face coming home? Jenny: He doesn't call his dad "dad" he calls him "Yak Face".
  • Jenny: I couldn't think of the word for "booze"!
  • Alex: I'd love to see a Jabba solo movie. Pete: Wait, Jabba/Solo movie?
  • Jenny: "Me put fire out." What, is he a caveman?
  • Jenny: She's such a drama queen. Pete: Drama Princess.


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