Jedi Minute 38: The Naked Emperor

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February 25th, 2015


Vader rises and falls in next to the Emperor as he slowly makes his way along the rows of troops.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Starts with the arrival of the Emperor with a lot of pomp and ceremony.
Ends with Darth Vader telling the Emperor that the Death Star will be completed on schedule.
  • The first time we see the Emperor in person.
  • Also the first time we see the Royal Guards.


  • Thanks to, and from, Jenny for being on the podcast.
  • Darth Vader had his whole entourage ready for the Emperor and must have spent a long time getting it all ready.
  • There are multiple droids at the Emperor's arrival.
  • The valves releasing steam behind the Emperor are like water atomizers at an amusement park. Or maybe they're air fresheners.
  • The Emperor does not look very healthy. Does he clean himself and poop? The Naked Emperor.
  • The Emperor eating pizza.
  • Mentioned: Mr Burns from The Simpsons.
  • This Emperor is different to the Emperor in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Feelings about the Emperor as a bad guy. What was he like as a kid?
  • The Emperor hanging out with Jabba the Hutt when they were young men and then going back to their High School reunions.
  • When was Jabba coolest? Jabba as a young man.
  • How the Emperor became the ruler of everything. Voting for Palpatine, Senator Mean Guy.
  • Palpatine versus palpitations.
  • The Royal Guards don't seem like tough guys. Merchandising ideas for Royal Guard toys.
  • Disney and Disneyland heavily promoting Star Wars. At Disneyland at the moment, all of the boys are wearing Jedi costumes and all of the girls are wearing Elsa (from the Frozen movie) costumes.
  • Star Wars / Frozen movie crossovers - Elsa creates Hoth perhaps?
  • In the Star Wars universe, nobody knows exactly how many Royal Guards there are in existence.
  • Royal Guards make very big and obvious targets for people to aim at.
  • There are people in the shadows behind the Emperor. Who are they? Imperial dignitaries.
  • Jobs in the Star Wars universe. A "West Wing" / Sorkin version of Star Wars. Other possible versions of Star Wars.
  • They started filming Return of the Jedi before Ian McDiarmid was cast as the Emperor. Someone else was cast in the role originally but was then replaced.
  • Mentioned: Eric Stoltz and Back to the Future. (The hosts do a second take of this reference as they couldn't remember Eric Stoltz's name in the first take.)
  • Ian McDiarmid's various performances and role types on stage and screen.
  • Ian the actor seems younger in the Prequels than in Return of the Jedi.
  • Where the audience thought that his deformed appearance came from. His use of the Dark Side? When it turns out that it came from him shooting Force lightning at himself this is very disappointing.
  • Awkward Moff Jerjerrod is Pete's favorite part of this minute. He doesn't know when to kneel, bow and rise, like when you go to somebody else's church.
    • Is his full name Jarrod Jerjerrod? Substitute teachers must have stumbled over his name.
  • Death Star II:
    • Almost the same design as the original Death Star without the thermal exhaust ports.
    • Crew of 485,000 beings.
    • 1.3 million Stormtroopers are on board. Why?
    • Imagined gift shops, malls and gyms.
    • Is there Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? How do you call translator droids to your meetings?
    • 1,400 AT-ATs.
    • Death Star II as a giant mall.
    • Small US towns with single malls and the impact of these.
    • Progressive workplace romances on Death Star II.
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Meta Minute

  • 27:09 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - As a kid the caller thought that the Emperor in Return of the Jedi was Grand Moff Tarkin living on the original Death Star - neither of which fully exploded in the first movie.
  • An outbreak of measles began in Disneyland in mid to late December, 2014. The spread of the outbreak has been blamed on not enough parents vaccinating their children against the disease, which sickened more than 150 people.
  • McDiarmid is actually Scottish, not Irish.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Palpatine had a private bathroom in his office when he was chancellor. No word on whether he still used this as the Emperor.
  • The town that Jenny references is Whittier, Alaska. Most of the town's 200 residents live in one 14-story building.


  • Jenny: I'm Jenny Jaffe from... comedy.
  • Pete: <As a Royal Guard with an Italian accent> Hey, I'm here to guard you; you'll be safe with me. C'mon.
  • Jenny: <In a British accent> (à la Oscar Wilde) Darth old boy, we are all in the gutter but some are looking at the star...wars.


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