Jedi Minute 39: In Love with the Landing Gear

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February 26th, 2015


Once again, Artoo finds himself waiting around in the damp environs of the swamp planet, and he's none too happy about it.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Starts with the Emperor telling Darth Vader that he's done well.
Ends with Yoda's toasty fire.


  • Politics in the Star Wars universe / the Empire.
  • The Emperor and Darth Vader talk about their plans out in the open. They are very transparent.
  • The Emperor cackles at his own pun. Instead of "as I have foreseen it" he says "as I have FORCEseen it".
  • Contempt drips from the Emperor's voice as he says "Skywalker". Is this him needling Darth Vader / Anakin?
  • The various agendas of the Emperor, Darth Vader and Luke in this movie. This is complicated by the fact that there are always only two Sith at any given moment.
  • The Emperor talks like a Shakespearean actor in a mask.
  • There are a lot of British actors delivering corny dialogue in the Star Wars movies.
  • They do not refer to "Palpatine" in this movie.
  • What Vader is thinking when he looks at the Emperor after the Emperor says that he knows Vader wants to look for Luke.
  • Everyone in the line-up gossiping about what they heard as the Emperor and Darth Vader walked by.
  • Why there were droids at the Emperor's arrival. Do droids have desires?
  • Signs of sentience in droids.
  • Who makes the cut to attend the Emperor's arrival.
    • Referenced: Joe the Plumber, Elvis meeting Nixon.
  • Most of the Death Star hangar is a matte painting. Most impressive. The real and painted stormtroopers don't exactly match but they're very close.
  • Did Luke crash again this time and remove the X-wing himself, or did he land normally? If he landed normally, was it in fact Yoda that made him crash last time as theorized on this very podcast?
    • Mentioned: Homer Simpson.
  • Maybe Yoda built a landing platform / clearing for Luke.
  • The hosts like the idea of Luke lifting the X-wing to show Yoda that he can "Jedi" so hard now.
  • In the Star Wars universe inspirational music plays whenever a Jedi uses the Force.
    • Diegetic vs. non-diegetic music.
  • Why does R2 even bother getting out of the X-wing? There is a cut scene in which R2 is keeping creatures away from the X-wing.
  • Or R2 is in love with the landing gear?
  • Earth creatures on Dagobah.
  • Mentioned: Guardians of Ga'Hoole (as a Star Wars spin-off).
  • Disney re-issuing its old movies with new Star Wars references. The concept of combination sequels.
  • What does Darth Vader do when he's not looking for Luke? Parcheesi, Star Wars Angry Birds, Tinder.
    • Darth Vader's Tinder profile pictures - with the mask on, in a group, and as Anakin.
  • How Darth Vader finds female companionship and his capabilities as a special friend.
    • Everything in his gift baskets is also encased in metal.
  • Recreation in the Star Wars universe.
  • Referenced: Scooby Doo.
  • Jenny should call the hotline if she remembers anything else she wanted to say.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 21:52 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read -; Amazon.
  • At the time this podcast aired, John Boehner was the Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives. He has since resigned from the House and was replaced by Paul Ryan.
  • A hilarious mashup of ROTJ and The Princess Bride.
  • The Turing test, when applied to artificial intelligence, is a test for sentience in a machine. Essentially, a human must guess, based on text-only conversation between two intelligences which is human and which is not. If the computer/machine intelligence is able to trick people 30% of the time into believing it is human, it passes.
  • Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is a conservative political activist who was given the name "Joe the Plumber" by the McCain–Palin campaign during the US 2008 presidential election.


  • Alex: (As Darth Vader, humoring the Emperor) Wow, I don't know how you knew that; it's all I talk about and somehow you were able to figure it out.
  • Pete: At this point he's very into being Darth Vader.
  • Alex: We'll save the Yoda yada.


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