Jedi Minute 3: Endicott

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January 7th, 2015


The shuttle captain makes contact with the Death Star.


Hosts only.



Starts with the reveal of the awesome new armored space station - a.k.a. the new Death Star. Ends with shuttle ST-321 docking in said Death Star.


  • The opening shot parallels the opening shot of Star Wars. The opening shots of the Prequels don't follow this approach.
  • Pete is still on board with this movie at this point - it is very familiar.
  • The Imperial Shuttle emerges from a secondary docking point. The TIE fighters emerge from the regular or main docking bay.
  • How TIE fighters are stored when they are not flying.
  • Darth Vader is not on the Execucisor. He's just on a regular Star Destroyer.
  • This is the first minute in the movie with stuff going on.
  • It starts with imperial officers - this movie is made for Pete.
  • The two shuttle pilots - Yorr and Jenden - and the actors that played them.
  • Yorr was supposed to have more lines but kept messing them up so they were just cut from the movie.
  • Yorr and Jenden are talking to Officer Endicott. Endicott is played by a British actor that was 002 in the Bond movie "The Living Daylights".
  • The characters are wearing standard Imperial uniforms although there are costume discrepancies between their ranks and insignia.
  • Costume designers in the Original Trilogy.
  • The shuttle is a new design, although it was added back to the prior movies in the special editions.
  • Other spaceships in the Original Trilogy.
  • The hosts like the design of the Imperial Shuttle and it looks very "80s".
  • 321 is very close to the famous Star Wars number 327.
  • Does ST stand for Star Trek?
  • There is a lot of scaffolding around the new Death Star. The hosts think that it should have been even more under construction.
  • There are glimpses of bright red elements in the new Death Star.

Meta Minute

  • 18:20 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad read for
  • After the end credits: Blooper ad-read for



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