Jedi Minute 44: Smoosh The Puppet Up

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March 5th, 2015


Yoda opens his eyes again and studies the youth.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Yoda telling Luke not to underestimate the powers of the Emperor.
Ends with Yoda saying "no, there is another Skywalker".
  • More exposition in this minute.


  • Yoda robes that fit humans as bathrobes.
  • Luke doesn't really know much about the Emperor at this stage. Yoda has been talking about Vader this whole time.
  • If Luke killed Vader then the Emperor would still hold the power and "his" Empire would continue. Why isn't Yoda telling Luke to go after the Emperor?
  • Yoda tells Luke that Luke will be the last Jedi when Yoda dies. So is Luke a Jedi or not at this stage? Yoda keeps changing his mind or hedging his comments.
  • Yoda keeps telling Luke to come closer - he must want Luke to kiss him.
  • Yoda reveals that the Force runs strong in Luke's family. Is he telling Luke to have Jedi babies?
  • Given Anakin / Vader shouldn't Yoda want the Skywalker family line to end?
  • Yoda as the Goldilocks Jedi master - too old; too young.
  • They should have trained Luke and Leia together.
    • Referenced: Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.
  • Training people in the Force sets off a trigger and other Force sensitive people can feel a disturbance; this is why Yoda had to train Luke on Dagobah.
  • Were Luke and Leia affected by the Dark Side while they were growing up? Also, why did Yoda and Ben wait so long to start training Luke? They may have been training other Jedi in the interim but all of these failed.
  • Luke's training is like Rocky's raw training methods in Rocky IV.
  • Yoda makes a lot of old man death pangs. Tony simulates these for the podcast audience.
  • Yoda should be above physical pain and discomfort of his "crude matter".
  • Yoda repeating old bumper stickers that he's seen over the years.
  • The end of Yoda's line about another Skywalker is not clearly audible - as per many of the lines in this sequence.
  • Yoda takes a very quick turn in this sequence - he goes from joking around to dying in less than 4 minutes. He clearly knew when he was going to die.
  • The Yoda puppet's ears are very bendy and floppy in this scene. They must have periodically stopped filming to smoosh the puppet up or hit it with a bat.
  • Did Stuart Freeborn, the face model for Yoda, pass along in a similar way?
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Meta Minute

  • 17:13 podcast episode length.
  • The "crude matter" discussion is in minute 71 of ESB.
  • This is episode originally contained a bit that was quickly deemed to be inappropriate, and was actually cut out. It was a monologue from Tony about the first time he saw Return of the Jedi. He went on a class trip to the city to see it, and a young girl in his class had an unfortunate encounter with a homeless man in the theater. Tony tried to play this off as a funny story, but it clearly made Pete uncomfortable (that is why he is laughing awkwardly at the end of the episode) and it turned out to be a misstep.


  • Alex: (As Yoda) Out with me, you will make.
  • Tony: <As old, cranky Yoda> He's too young, too old. Grrr.
  • Alex: <As Yoda dying in pain> This sucks!
  • Tony: <As dying Yoda> There's another sky. Pete: <Laughs>


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