Jedi Minute 4: Butterdroid

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January 8th, 2015


The exit hatch of the shuttle opens with a WHOOSH, revealing only darkness. Then, heavy FOOTSTEPS AND MECHANICAL BREATHING. From this black void appears DARTH VADER, LORD OF THE SITH.


Hosts only.



Starts with Endicott ordering someone to inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived. Ends with Vader being greeted once his shuttle has arrived.


  • There is a strange Ben Burtt audio choice as the shuttle arrives. The alarm that you hear in the docking bay is also heard inside the shuttle but at a higher pitch.
  • The Empire seems to only have one alarm sound.
  • A DJ Death Squad Commander is seen, wearing a helmet and gloves in an office.
  • Imperial Officer number 4, in minute 4, is Moff Jerjerrod.
  • When the character was named Moff Jerjerrod. Also, when the character become a Moff in the Star Wars timeline.
  • Background on the character Moff Jerjerrod and the actor that played him.
  • What the ranking of Moff means.
  • The character was named Moff Jerjerrod on page 1 of George Lucas's handwritten script outline for the movie.
  • George Lucas's approach to writing the scripts. In 1,000 years his scripts will be like the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Moff Jerjerrod originally had a bigger role in the movie. He was in a power struggle with Vader. This role in the movie was diminished over time.
  • Why this adversarial character role couldn't have been played by Admiral Piett.
  • The officers assembled are like the regional managers of the Death Star.
  • Alan Rickman auditioned to play Moff Jerjerrod. How his career would have been affected if he got the role.
  • Darth Vader is introduced into the movie. He is clearly in charge.
  • A Treadwell model can also be seen in the background.
  • The mouse droid that was scared by Chewbacca on the original Death Star was demoted and became a butter-serving droid - Butterdroid.

Meta Minute

  • 18:10 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: Add that to the list of things that Pete doesn't like about the Prequels - no Treadwell.


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