Jedi Minute 50: Reset

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March 13th, 2015


Admiral Ackbar steps forward and points to the Death Star's force field and the Moon of Endor.


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with the introduction of Admiral Ackbar.
  • Ends with the introduction of General Madine.
  • The last minute was Mon Mothma's speech, this minute is Admiral Ackbar's speech and the next minute is General Madine's speech.


General Madine

  • Is it Madine or Nadine? He does look like a woman dressed as a man. His beard is fake.
  • Madine looks like a Junior High School gym teacher or one of the guys that worked on the props for the original Star Wars movie.
    • Was a former Imperial Officer that left the Empire and flipped.
    • Is played by actor Dermot Crowley who:
      • Appeared in Luther and the Bond movie Octopussy.
      • Was almost cast as the seventh Dr. Who.

Admiral Ackbar

  • Admiral Ackbar was Tarkin's personal slave and servant.
  • It is known that the Quarren (Squid Heads) hate the Mon Calamari (Admiral Ackbar's species). The Empire could have used Quarren to fight Admiral Ackbar but Imperial Officers hate all aliens including Quarren. Given that the Quarren aren't liked by either the Empire or the Rebellion their only choice is to hang out with rogues and criminals like Jabba the Hutt. This shows that a lot of crime is really a social problem.
  • Admiral Ackbar's first name is Gial. People often mistakenly call him Gail and he has to correct them.
  • Mentioned: Captain Crunch and his first name (see below).
  • The physical Admiral Ackbar puppet head was almost replaced by a CGI Ackbar once George Lucas saw how "good" they looked in Revenge of the Sith.
  • The close-ups of Admiral Ackbar are actually a puppet not someone wearing a mask. The Ackbar puppet was performed by Tim Rose who also performed Sy Snootles, Salacious B. Crumb, Howard the Duck, Tik-Tok of Oz etc.
  • Replacing ALL physical characters with CGI characters including the humans. Also, placing CGI capes on every character and inserting moe CGI characters into every scene.
  • Mon Mothma looks terrified of Ackbar the whole time that he is talking.
  • What Ackbar talks about when he is away from the briefing room.
  • This scene was also shot with General Madine delivering the information in case the Ackbar puppet didn't work out.
  • Ackbar is a cool looking creature by Star Wars standards. He was created by the "Jedi creature shop" and was selected by Richard Marquand during a walk-through of the shop with George Lucas.
  • Other Star Wars creatures / puppets auditioning for Ackbar's role and being bitter that they weren't cast.
  • Admiral Ackbar in Bib Fortuna's role and vice versa. This actually would have made more sense as the Twi'lek (Bib Fortuna's species) are known slaves which would have fitted Ackbar's back story better.
  • Ackbar dancing for Jabba and Oola being set free.
  • Characters auditioning for each other's roles - although there are not many speaking parts for the aliens.
  • Captain Crunch's first names are Horatio Magellan. He was promoted to an Admiral in Futurama.

Other Notes

  • Another bad wise-crack from Han - "Good luck; you're going to need it". Han is a damaged individual by this point.
  • Endor is both the gas giant planet that the forest moon orbits AND the name of the forest moon. This is clearly very lazy.
  • Mentioned: George Foreman and his children Georges Foreman; Yavin and Yavin 4.
  • Why the forest moon is a sanctuary moon (Note: see minute 67 for an explanation).
  • The native non-sentient species that live on the moon of Endor according to EU:
    • Rakazzak Beast.
    • Endor Chicken (aka Tip-Yip).
    • Boar Wolf.
    • Blasé tree goat.
  • The fate of EU stories, EU authors and canon following the purchase by Disney. It's a reset.
  • Mentioned: Batman.
  • The moon is called Tana by the native people in EU.
  • EU versus canon in general. What things are and are not canon given the Disney purchase. The various complex rules that now apply.
  • Return of the Jedi was called Rehash of the Yeti by MAD Magazine. In that version, everyone in the scene spoke along with Ackbar as the plan is basically exactly the same as in A New Hope.
  • The Shuttle Tydirium is a very cool looking spaceship for what is basically a bus / airport shuttle.
  • Mentioned: General The A-Team; Rock 'n Roll from G.I. Joe as a stand-in for General Madine.
  • Thanks to and from Chris; well done on completing the four-fecta. Chris loves the Star Wars movies. What type of cape would Chris have? Inside would be a shiny mustard yellow, outside would be a maroon velvet, a large collar and a nice rope clasp.
  • Lando wears a cape; Leia wears a cloak; Prune Face also wears a cloak. A hood makes all the difference.
  • Support the Show.
  • Meta Minute

    • 30:12 podcast episode length.
    • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - SWM guest Mike Norton telling the hosts to stop hating on Return of the Jedi.
    • Despite what he said at the top of the show, Alex does not own; don't go there, that's somebody else.
    • Carvel is an ice cream franchise based in the northeastern United States. Their signature novelty ice creams include Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale. The founder Tom Carvel recorded all the chain's advertisements.


    • Pete: Analyze, scrutinize, and Bothan spies...
    • Pete: Okay, so I went over the plan with Gail and Nadine...
    • Alex: Speaking of unspeakable horrors...
    • Alex: (Doing a great Admiral Ackbar) Cookie Puss is on the far side of the moon.
    • Chris: (As a movie crew member) Hey, who's ordering from the Italian place? I'll have some calamari...hey, calamari, hmmm.
    • Chris: (As a puppet in the creature shop being operated by George Lucas) I love the Luke Skywalker.
    • Chris: Did I say that right? Is it Jar-bah?
    • Alex: (as Palpatine, establishing Endor as a sanctuary moon) Our greatest legacy for our children is nature!
    • Pete: The Rakazzak Beast. Chris: False!
    • Chris: It's Star Wars, not superheroes!
    • Alex: I'm a bounty hunter; they call me Pantsuit Hoodie.


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