Jedi Minute 54: Sim Aloo

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From left to right: Unidentified Imperial Advisor (tall hat), Kren Blista-Vanee, Janus Greejatus, Unidentified Imperial Advisor (black robe), and Sim Aloo


March 19th, 2015


Vader bows, then turns and exits the throne room as the Emperor walks toward the waiting council members.


Doug Benson



  • Starts with the Emperor telling Vader to send the fleet to the far side of Endor.
Ends with the shuttle asking for the deactivation of something.
  • There are two new characters in the shot:
    • They look like extras from the movie Tron. They are supposed to be like bishops.
    • They are Sim Aloo and Janus Greejatus.


  • Doug continues his streak of plugging a different project every day this week.
  • Referenced: "The Far Side".
  • Ian McDiarmid really "chews the scenery" when playing the Emperor.
  • Both the Emperor and Yoda carry "magical" sticks.
  • The quality of the Emperor as a character. Vader should have been the main bad guy.
  • Mentioned: Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The lighting and filming of the Emperor.
  • Sim Aloo is played by actor Anthony Lang who is also credited on IMDB as playing BoShek - but the hosts think that this is not the case.
 Doug had some Star Wars toys but was never a collector.
  • Working action figures from different franchises - e.g. M*A*S*H - into the one story.
 Doug remembers Radar O'Reilly in M*A*S*H saying that Colonel Blake was dead.
 This was one of the saddest moments of Doug's life.
 It took the show to the next level.
  • The concept of a M*A*S*H Minute Podcast. M*A*S*H got really bad towards the end and the finale is not good.
  • Back to Return of the Jedi - the rebel fleet is massing near Sullust.
    • Nien Numb is from Sullust.
    • Sullust is used in books, video games etc. but there is no agreement on what type of planet it is.
  • The Star Tours attraction at Disneyland. It is a great ride.
    • While you're waiting for the Star Tours ride there is talk about all the departures to, and arrivals from, different Star Wars locations.
    • All of the robots on Star Tours are voiced by Paul Reubens so they sound like Pee-wee Herman.
    • Recent changes to the ride including C-3PO being the main character.
    • Apart from the C-3PO change it is a much better ride now with many different story variations.
    • The best part is Darth Vader holding the spaceship up and moving it around. Darth Vader also has a floating space Segway.
    • There is also a version with Jar Jar taking you underwater.
    • A Live Star Tours Minute podcast.
  • Back to Return of the Jedi again - there is more Moff Jerjerrod in the background.
  • Sim Aloo and Janus Greejatus are just advisers and dignitaries.
  • The Emperor basically tells Vader to go and wait in the car. Vader doesn't seem to have much to do at this stage.
  • There is a lot of unnecessary exposition this week's minutes of the movie. A lot of the plot lines were deleted which means most of this isn't relevant.
  • What is Chewbacca actually saying to Han? It's difficult to tell given Han's response.
  • Maybe Han means that they should give up on the whole "Rebellion thing" when he talks about turning around and getting out of here.
  • Did the Emperor purposely leak the Death Star plans to make the Rebels attack it or were the plans genuinely stolen and the Emperor just used this to his advantage?
    • The Emperor does make complicated plans so anything is possible.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:15 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read -; Audible.
  • The guys do eventually go on the Star Tours and podcast about it, but they were unable to record from the ride itself.


  • Doug: <Impersonation of the Emperor not saying distinct words.>


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