Jedi Minute 55: Mostly Brown

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March 20th, 2015


Chewie barks his worries as the Super Star Destroyer grows larger out the window.


Doug Benson



Starts with Han requesting deactivation of the energy shield around the Moon of Endor.
Ends with Admiral Piett about to clear the shuttle.


  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call regarding what Chewbacca is saying to Han in the shuttle cockpit to prompt Han's "fly casual" response.
  • Doug has managed to plug 5 different projects on 5 different days.
  • What is the energy shield and how does it work? Does it protect the whole planet.
  • Admiral Piett wasn't going to be in the movie but then Lucas and the actor agreed that he should be. Lucas then wrote Piett's dialogue on the set during filming.

<Start at 2:55>

Meta Minute

  • 17:39 podcast episode length.



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