Jedi Minute 58: Twig Snap

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March 25th, 2015


Han sneaks up behind one of the scouts, steps on a twig and the scout whirls, knocking Han into a tree.


Jeff Manley



  • Starts with Luke and Leia sharing a chuckle over Han.
Ends with Luke and Leia sharing a speeder bike as they chase a Scout trooper.
  • The stupid and infamous twig snap sound effect.


  • All-star cartoonist week continues.
  • Even the setup for this sequence doesn't really make sense. Han already has his gun drawn - just shoot the Scout trooper or at least get Chewbacca to attack.
  • Wookiees seem to only get really angry, and rip people's arms off, when they are playing cyber chess.
  • In a "Freaky Friday" type switch Chewbacca shoots a guy and Han wrestles another guy - usually it's the other way 'round.
  • Han's wrestle is a terrible fight sequence. The stuntman was obviously told not to hurt Harrison Ford at any stage.
  • The Scout trooper seems to be defeated by a single flip.
  • There is a squeaky sound when the biker scout lands on the ground after the flip and this is heard later in the movie as well. What is making that sound in the movie?
  • Mentioned: The fight sequence in the movie Airplane!; also Airplane 2.
  • Chewbacca finally shoots his bow-caster even though he doesn't really seem to hit his target as the Scout trooper falls off his speeder-bike after hitting a tree.
  • Maybe the noise from the Scout-troopers is a gas being emitted that instantly kills them as soon as they are hit. This explains why Stormtroopers are so quick to die.
  • What are the other two Scout-troopers that Luke sees actually doing? Just watching the action?
  • What Luke would have been had he gone to the Imperial Academy. Certainly a pilot of some kind although the performance bar at the Academy is very low.
  • The cadence of the line "I see them, wait, Leia".
  • Leia is very quick to jump on the speeder-bike.
  • Are speeder-bikes designed for two people?
  • Han's reaction when he steps on the twig is strange - the first thing he does is to stop and look down.
    • The Scout trooper instantly turns around and starts punching.
    • Han's blaster also goes off as he raises his arm. Just shoot the trooper already!
 Jeff's memories of Star Wars.
 He wasn't taken to the movies very often. The first movie he saw at a theater was Crocodile Dundee.
 His first experience of the movies was therefore watching it on network TV.
 He was 12 when he first saw Star Wars and this was after Return of the Jedi had already been released.
 He knew of the movies via the Star Wars toys that his friends had.
 He was scared by Star Wars the first time he saw it due to all the creatures / monsters.
 Mentioned: Ghostbusters.
 He thought the Star Wars movies were cheesy but grew to appreciate them over time; although he's never been an obsessive fan.
 In relation to Jeff's Star Wars related artistic / cartoon work - he likes the design, look and feel of Star Wars.
 Watching the movies again recently has reminded him how good they are.
 Jeff has seen The Phantom Menace but has not watched the other two prequels.
 Jeff's son asked him who Luke's and Leia's mum is and his answer was that they don't really talk about it
 (even though there's three other movies all about it).
 His son's answer was that just because Jeff doesn't like the Prequels doesn't mean that his son won't.
 Jeff ranks the movies - 4, 6, 5, 1, TBA.
 Jeff doesn't like the "to be continued" at the end of Empire and all the swamp Yoda stuff.
 City Yoda in the Prequels is discussed.
 A TV show in which City Yoda and Country Yoda swap places and live each other's lives for a while. Jeff would watch this show.
 There is also suburban Yoda as seen on Kashyyyk.
  • The twig break in this movie is really annoying and lessens Han Solo as a character.
  • Han Solo in Jedi is not the best Han.
  • People that have only seen Return of the Jedi and not any other Star Wars movie.
  • Are there any Special Edition changes in this minute?
  • The Special Edition version of Jedi is a sore-spot for PTR due to the "Jedi Rocks" change.
  • Listener project - Dub in a heap of different sound effects when Han steps on the twig.
  • Thanks to and from Jeff for the podcast episode.
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Meta Minute

  • 24:03 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - caller from New Zealand. When he saw the movie there was an intermission at about this point in the movie. His father took him and his brother to buy an ice-cream and it took so long for them to be served that they missed the start of the second half (although he could see part of the action through the lobby doors of the theater).



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