Jedi Minute 59: Hitting the Tree

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March 26th, 2015


Luke leaps from his bike to the back of the scout’s, grabs the Imperial warrior around the neck, and flips him off the bike, into a thick tree trunk.


Chris Eliopoulos



Starts with the start of the great speeder bike chase.
Ends with two other speeder bikes firing their lasers at Luke and Leia on their speeder bike.
The word speeder is said in the above sentence more than its ever been said before.


  • Cold-open: Ad-read -
  • Chris is a returning champion here for all-star cartoonist week.
  • This is potentially the worst 70s TV rear projection work ever seen in a movie. It looked alright to kids at the time though.
  • The visual effects seem to go backwards (ie get worse) in the original trilogy. Or the shots were more ambitious and therefore harder to achieve.
  • Its actually blue screen being used.
  • The speeder bikes even shake side-to-side when Luke jumps from one to another.
  • Luke is the worst back seat driver ever. Leia should have come back with some snappy answers.
  • Leia is diminished in this movie and has gone from taking charge to being Luke's chauffeur.
  • The character focus in this movie is very much on Luke and Vader; every other character is left undeveloped.
  • Luke could have trusted his sister and let her use the Force to take control. More evidence that Leia is not actually Luke's sister.
  • Who could be Luke's real sister.

<Start at 6:18.>

Meta Minute

  • 26:05 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: ...that Leia is not in fact Luke's sister. Chris: Oh, its Mon Mothma?


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