Jedi Minute 61: Bike Safety

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March 30th, 2015


Luke rises from the undergrowth as the scout bears down on him and opens fire with his laser cannon. Guest commentator: Josh Flanagan


Josh Flanagan



  • The tail end of the speeder chase.
  • Starts with a scout trooper looking back to watch Leia's speeder crash, and ends with a trooper crashing against a tree and getting vaporized.
  • Luke and the scout trooper rounding the corner is a really cool shot.
  • Luke has cold killer eyes at the end of this scene.


  • Josh is a returning champion on the show - a "fourfecta" guest.
  • Biker scout 101: eyes forward!
  • Callback to Friday's minute: there is no autopilot on the speeder bikes.
  • Speeder bike toy talk.
  • The speeder bike chase is like the trench run but with obstacles.
  • No rear view mirrors. Maybe the cool kid scout troopers remove theirs.
  • Leia passing out is funny.
  • Luke and the trooper are being quite casual in their fight.
    • They have deadly weapons but they don't really use them.
    • Referenced: Grease.
    • Silent movie-style acting from Mark Hamill.
  • Why does the scout trooper come back around after Luke falls off? Bonus points.
  • The movie finds ways to keep Luke from straight up murdering the trooper.
  • Bike Safety: did the movie makers have the characters wear helmets so kids wouldn't ride their bikes helmetless?
  • More bad rear projection.
    • Referenced: Frank Drebin from "Police Squad!" and the Naked Gun films.
  • Early CGI in movies and music videos.
  • The SWM crew will be going to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim recording two live minutes.
  • Josh will be back tomorrow.

Meta Minute

19:17 podcast episode length.

  • Ad-read: plug for Dodd Skalle Investigations Vol. 1: The Simian Case on Indiegogo by future guest of the show John Ingle.
    • This ad will air a couple more times this movie.
  • Editor's note: we know that dinosaurs did not hover because we have their fossilized footprints, meaning that their feet did in fact touch the ground.


  • Pete: Did you say Logray narcoleptics?
  • Alex and then Pete: the throbbing guns.
  • Josh: (as a scout trooper) <sullenly> I didn't want to be in the scout troopers; I hate forest moons.


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