Jedi Minute 62: Small Talk

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March 31st, 2015


Luke and Han exchange a silent, grim look. Luke gets up wearily.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Luke admiring his handiwork, looking at the chopped and barbecued biker scout, and ends with mysterious footsteps in the woods.
  • Luke wheels around and stumbles away.
  • Han says to meet at the base at 03:00. This is one of the rare times when a time of day is explicitly stated.
  • Good shot of the rubber C-3PO midriff.
  • Surprised that Luke didn't pass Leia on his way back.


  • We're eagerly waiting to find out what those footsteps are, but we'll find out tomorrow.
  • Luke is probably about 5 miles away from the others. How long does it take him to get back?
    • Three forest moon days, which is like eight weeks Basic.
  • Han Solo was promoted to general too soon. He makes many leadership mistakes.
    • Han seems to agree with this sentiment that he's in the wrong job.
  • Costumes
    • Everybody else is wearing vaguely military garb; Han is just wearing a trench coat that wouldn't look out of place in a 1980s Sears <catalog>.
    • John Mollo being replaced by Nilo Rodis.
  • Josh has tried to stay positive about this movie, but now that he's on the show he starts picking it apart.
  • Avoiding referring to specific times in science fiction writing, sort of like avoiding having to admit that you've forgotten the name of someone that you work with.
  • Lack of military discipline in the Rebellion.
    • Maybe everyone is a general. Like how everybody at a startup is a VP of something incredibly specific.
    • Ackbar asked to be an admiral instead.
  • Do droids have an aesthetic sense?
  • What/who Artoo's inner monolog sounds like:
    • Nathan Lane
    • An angry Sam Jackson
    • Werner Herzog.
    • Listener Projects: create a video dubbing R2 with each of these.
  • Programming C-3PO to make small talk.
  • R2 is constantly out of his element and is a real trooper.
  • Han delivering the titular line.
  • Follow SWM on social media, and call 8-DAY-GREEDO
  • Meta Minute

    • 20:07 podcast episode length.
    • The pronunciation of John Mollo's name is discussed in ESB 123.
    • Han Solo previously mentioned a specific time (02:00) when they're on the Falcon in Star Wars. This was discussed in more depth during SWM 58.
      • Luke and his uncle also refer to seasons and years.
    • Another bit was not cut out.


    • Alex: Does it [the Force] have a compass?
    • Pete: This is my "Han-cho". Alex: I didn't think he would stoop "Solo" as to say that.
    • Alex: I'm the general. Me and the other general are going to go look for one person.
    • Alex: Rieekan is in charge of the coffee, and the other guy [the admiral] is in charge of the ack-bar...Sorry.
    • Josh: Small talk: the worst of all apps.
    • Pete: (mishearing Alex) He [Luke] was a pastor?


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