Jedi Minute 63: Wookiees in Half

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It was a great towel.


April 1st, 2015


A strange little furry face with huge black eyes comes slowly into view.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with a pair of mysterious footsteps in the forest. Ends with Princess Leia telling this beloved creature that she will not hurt him.


  • Josh specifically asked for this minute.
  • Referenced: They Might be Giants.
  • Not knowing what Ewoks were/looked like before seeing the movie.
    • When Alex saw TPM one of his friends didn't know Palpatine was the Emperor.
 Josh loved Ewoks when he was six.
  His grandmother took him to see it in Brunswick, ME where he lived.
  He still has his Return of the Jedi beach towel.
  • Parallel to the introduction of Jawas—they appear menacing at first but turn out to be adorable.
    • An irritating special edition change would be to reveal that Jawas are actually Ewoks underneath their cloaks.
  • Leia's reaction to being poked by an alien spear.
    • Alderaanian prejudice against the hirsute.
    • She's acting against child Warwick Davis, and it shows.
      • Alex speaks ill of Carrie Fisher's acting.
  • The characters getting tired of being in the Rebellion.
  • Characters in Star Wars get over their grief very quickly.
  • Cut dialog from the Obi-Wan log talk.
    • Uncle Owen was Obi-Wan's brother.
    • Clone action? Callback to the "OB1" theory.
  • Josh is here to stand up for the Ewoks.
 He still sees this movie as the six-year-old.
  He loved the Ewoks and had never considered that they could be a bad thing until way later (post-college). Mentioned: iFanboy.
  Pete is in somewhat the same boat: Ewoks are not his problem with the movie.
  • The Ewoks were originally supposed to be Wookiees. After the outline stage, he cut Wookiees in half and wound up with Ewok.
  • Alex doesn't necessarily disagree with Josh, but feels that they are the most blatant "for kids" addition to the film.
    • Adults watching these movies might be embarrassed to enjoy this movie for small children.
  • Not a lot of Ewok cosplayers.
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Meta Minute

  • 29:02 podcast episode length.
  • This episode was released several hours after the April Fool's Day episode of the same number.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO call from Jake from Connecticut. He first saw the movie recorded off NBC, and this scene was edited out for TV.
  • That one person had requested an Ewok minute was brought up (Which episode?)
  • Ewoks are almost literally one half of a Wookiee: the average height of a Wookiee is 2.23-2.54 meters, and your average Ewok is 1 meter tall.
  • The prospect of forming a 501st style club of Ewok cosplay is brought up again in minute 88


  • Alex: Ewoks! They're here! Get used to it.
  • Pete: Brunswick has been destroyed?
  • Pete: I thought you were going to say "was your grandmother wearing a towel?"
  • Josh: That doesn't matter; you see spiders all the time but you don't want them poking you when you wake up.
  • Pete: We gave Leia to that guy who's been in all those TV shows... you might've seen him.
  • Alex: Uggh. Kill me that I know that.
  • Pete: I think the eye rolling was all added in digitally in the Special Edition.
  • Alex: ...despite the things I say everyday, I don't want to stop people from enjoying any aspects of the movie.


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