Jedi Minute 72: Bright Tree Village

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"The neighbors will love to eat you...I mean "meet you"!


April 14th, 2015


Han is placed on a spit above what looks like a barbecue pit and the others are leaned against a tree nearby.


Crystal Beth



  • Starts with Han's attempted deicide, and ends with Han about to be roasted alive.
  • "I have a really bad..."
  • First appearance of Logray.


  • The time it took to tie everybody up and carry them back to the village. Easier ways to do this.
  • Ewoks are supposedly stronger than they look.
  • Logray
    • Hints of a power struggle between Logray (the shaman) and Chief Chirpa.
    • Played by Mike Edmonds (of Jabba's tail fame).
  • C-3PO's throne.
  • Ewok matte paintings.
  • Han's duster jacket is nowhere to be seen. Shoutout to former guest of the show Chris Schweizer.
  • Ewok village playset: Bright Tree Village.
  • Referenced: the Ewok TV movies.
  • Disney's upcoming Star Wars Land.
Ewok Village plan.jpg
  • Crystal is fascinated by Ewoks from an anthropological perspective.
  • Which Ewoks are female?
    • Societal biases in assuming which Ewoks are male vs. female.
    • Referenced: the Smurfs, Aliens.
    • Ewok reproduction.
  • Tim Tebow: related to Teebo?
  • Ewok Jedi?
    • Referenced: Harry Potter.
    • Force spectrum.
    • Pete is on the fence about the Midi-chlorians.
  • Star Wars-themed hotels: where would you want to stay?
  • Shared ancestry between Ewoks and Wookiees? (note: See below). Mentioned: The Greatest Show on Earth, Golden Tony.
  • Why did they pick Han to cook first?
  • Ewoks forming a 'living ladder' like ants do.

Meta Minute


  • Alex: Did I ever tell you about my mother-in-law? She stayed in an ice hotel.
  • Crystal:...spiders—you know—span all galaxies. Alex: They are the universal horror? Crystal: They are the universal horror.
  • Pete: "A Yoda made of Ewoks": you will sell a buttload of those.


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