Jedi Minute 74: Telephone Sandwich

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Telephone Sammich.png


April 16th, 2015


Logray steps forward and challenges Threepio.


Crystal Beth



  • Starts with C-3PO trying to tell the Ewoks not to cook the gang, and ends with him flying through the air, about to unleash his vengeance.
  • Another "Martin Short" moment.
  • More bad H. Ford.


  • Logray doesn't listen to C-3PO or Chief Chirpa. He's kind of a jerk.
  • Chirpa's familial relationships.
  • Ewok facts: Ewoks TV series.
    • Paired with Droids TV series.
  • Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm.
  • Replacing Harrison Ford with Woody Allen.
  • Is Luke using the Jedi mind trick on C-3PO? Is it possible to mind trick droids?
  • Explanations for this scene if The Force doesn't exist.
 Crystal's Star Wars memories
  She liked Star Wars movies (especially this one) so, much her mother became concerned that Crystal thought it was real, and brought her to therapy. She would pretend Han Solo was watching to help her stay calm when she got a tooth removed.
  Her favorite Star Wars related possession is her Star Wars tattoo. When she first met her boyfriend (editor's note: now husband). He recognized it as a Star Wars tattoo although he couldn't translate it.
The odds.png

Meta Minute

  • 20:58 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: ad for Dodd Skalle on IndieGoGo.
  • $500,000 US in 1986 was worth just over a million USD in 2015.
  • Threepio says 'Toronto gosh' again just two minutes from now.
  • Post-outro: False start. Alex flubs the intro that he's done hundreds of times. Crystal's microphone was off.


  • Alex: That's some real "Jabba tail" acting right there.
  • Pete: Too "Star Warsy", this Star Wars cartoon.
  • Alex: "Montreal: Wow." Pete: Suddenly there's Vancouver.
  • Pete and then Crystal: Never tell me the time. Alex: Well I guess it's time for us to wrap up. Pete: *stage whisper* Don't tell Crystal.


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