Jedi Minute 77: Yub Nubs

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April 21st, 2015


At the end of it, the Chief, Logray, and the elders confer, then nod in agreement. The Chief stands and makes a pronouncement.


Matt Gourley



  • Starts with C-3PO in the middle of his story, and ends with Luke skulking away onto the balcony.


  • C-3PO taking artistic license, casting himself as the hero in the story.
  • Harrison Ford being ashamed and embarrassed in the movie.
  • How should you act around Ewoks? The way you act around small children?
  • Wicket is cute, but most other Ewok masks are terrifying.
  • Ewok toy talk.
  • Ewok fact: Ewoks only have three fingers.
  • What do Ewoks smell like? Do they bathe?
  • Different breeds of Ewok.
  • The Ewok TV movies.
  • Anthony Daniels facts.
    • Before doing Star Wars, the only science fiction film he had seen was 2001: A Space Odyssey, which he walked out of after 10 minutes.
    • Voiced Legolas in the Bakshi "Lord of the Rings".
  • The relationship between Chewie and Han.
  • Han's role (or lack thereof) in the movie. Is it because they didn't know he was coming back, or because Harrison didn't want to do much?
  • The Ewok citizenship process.
  • The Ewoks agree to help because they want to eat the Imperials.
  • Plug for SWM:WE

Meta Minute


  • Alex: Come here and rub your yub nubs all over me.


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