Jedi Minute 79: Literally Everything

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April 23rd, 2015


Part 1 of our live show from Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!


Matt Gourley



  • Starts with Luke telling Leia that he has no memory of his mother, and ends with Luke revealing to his sister that she's his only hope.
  • This is the minute where Luke admits to Leia that Darth Vader is his father.


Instead of playing the minute 79 for the audience, they did a dramatic(ish) reading from the script. Playing the part of Luke Skywalker was our very own Alex Robinson, and playing the Part of Princess Leia Organa was Matt Gourley. Pete read the scant stage directions.
  • Referenced: Oola was the frog.
  • Matt isn't caught up on the podcast.
  • Did Luke hope that Leia's memories of her mother would contradict what Ben had told him?
    • Somehow, Leia always knew she was Luke's sister. Why didn't he (or did he)?
  • Luke implies that he's the only one holding this altogether, and only if he doesn't make it back does Leia need to take over. It's all about Luke.
  • Matt likes Mark Hamill's understated acting in this scene, generally speaking.
  • Why must Luke confront his father? Is this something every Jedi has to do?
  • Does it become widespread knowledge that Darth Vader was Luke's father? Political spin to one side or the other.
  • How do Han and Leia feel about Luke becoming a Jedi?
  • Mark Hamill facts.
    • Before Star Wars he was in "General Hospital" and the pilot of "Eight Is Enough".
      • They wouldn't let him out of his "Eight is Enough" contract until he got into the car accident. Conspiracy??
    • Hamill is left-handed, but Luke shoots and lightsabers right-handed.
  • Going to see movies or plays just because they had a Star Wars actor in them.
  • Luke failed to mention that he only recently learned that Vader was their father.
Matt would make his own Han Solo in carbonite by freezing him in Dr. Pepper.
  • Follow SWM on social media. Call the hotline. Extra points if you call from inside Celebration.

Meta Minute

  • This is the first appearance of Gourley's now famous Irvin "The Kersh" Kershner impression.
  • Richard Bonehill, who among other Star Wars credits is most known for portraying Nien Nunb, passed away two months prior to this episode.
  • Benghazi is a city in Libya. It is most known to American audiences as the site of a US embassy that was stormed and then overrun by insurgents during Hillary Clinton's term as US Secretary of State. Her handling of the event was frequently brought up during her presidential election campaigns and became a shorthand for criticism of Clinton by her opponents.
  • Dick Van Patten starred in "Eight is Enough".
  • Mardji the elephant played all the banthas in Star Wars. She died in 1995.
  • Revenge of the Jedi posters go for around $600 (as of March 2018).


  • Matt: I am in the Rancor pit, mentally.
  • Alex: It's the perfect place to make an awkward revelation to someone. "Come stay with me at the Village."
  • Matt: (as Leia) <in response to Luke's sudden revelation> YOUR FATHER?! WHAT?! THIS CHANGES LITERALLY EVERYTHING!
  • Alex: "Why do you have to go face him?" "A ghost and a puppet told me I had to..."
  • Alex: Dad Fisto: "Kid" Fisto and Dad Fisto. *Audible groan from the audience* Alex: What, what?
  • Matt: (grave tone of voice) Mon Mothma will tell you that she's not part of this, but they have the same haircut.
  • Alex: Are people always groaning at home when I'm making these jokes?


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