Jedi Minute 7: A Difficult Puppet To Work With

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January 13th, 2015


Artoo starts forward into the gloom. Threepio rushes after his stubby companion. The door lowers noisily behind them.


Jordan White



  • Starts with C-3PO talking to the droid that is the door.
  • Ends with the droids being stopped by some "pig guards" as they enter Jabba's Palace.
  • We meet the Gamorrean Guards for the first time (i.e. the pig guards).


  • Jordan hopes to be a character in a Star Wars comic book one day.
  • C-3PO doesn't seem to be clear on what the door is saying - perhaps he doesn't speak "door". Or the door is just being a jerk.
  • The door droid laughs - have we seen any other droids laugh?
  • The door is sentient and has the power of laughter.
  • The giant pits in the ground under the door seem like a terrible and unsafe idea. However R2 is perfectly lined up to roll straight between them.
  • According to EU:
    • Jabba didn't build this palace; he took it over from the B'omarr Order.
    • A B'omarr Monk is seen in the background in this minute - it is the "brain in a jar" on robotic spider legs.
    • The hosts imagine Jabba and the B'omarr living together.
  • The B'omarr Monks became known widely in the 90s due to one of them being the first "mail-away" Kenner toy from the new batch of toys at the time.
  • The B'omarr Monk was a difficult puppet to work with on set. Nowadays a character like this would definitely be CGI'd.
  • Budget constraints in Return of the Jedi meant that a lot of characters had their roles reduced significantly or were just cut from the movie altogether.
  • The B'omarr Monk's robotic contraption is called a BT-16 Perimeter Droid, which is the device that the stormtroopers said was "quite a thing to see" in Star Wars. This makes absolutely no sense in the opinion of the hosts and they imagine a number of scenarios involving the BT-16.
  • Gamorreans
    • Pete liked these characters as a kid but doesn't like them now. They look too much like a "guy in a suit" or a Muppet.
    • The Gamorrean Guards just grunt, and they make the same noises as Itchy the Wookiee from the Holiday Special. Therefore, do the Gamorreans speak Wookiee or do the Wookiees speak Gamorrean?
    • Plus, giant axes? What are those weapons all about?
    • Are these large and slow beings the best thing to use as the first line of defense for a palace?
    • What else can Gamorreans do apart from guarding things?
    • Links between Gamorrean Guards and Imperial Guards.
 Jordan reveals that yesterday's podcast was NOT the first time that he was on this podcast.
 He was an 8-DAY-GREEDO caller and his call was aired on ESB 88
 He had a false memory of Han Solo throwing a pie at Vader when they walk into the banquet room on Cloud City.
 The origins of this memory are discussed.
 Jordan's "favorite Star Wars movie" used to be:
 From the middle of The Empire Strikes Back... the middle of Return of the Jedi.
 Or, from the start of Cloud City to the end of Jabba's Palace.
 Otherwise known as "The Carbonite Saga" - Episode 5.5.
 Jordan clarifies that he is a Harrison Ford fan even though Han is not in these scenes very much.

Meta Minute

  • 19:42 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read - the official Star Wars minute t-shirt;
  • After the closing theme - alternate read of the t-shirt ad.


  • Alex: <As the jerky door> Agh, your father's mustache.
  • Pete: <As the Director> Just stick it in the background there next to Squidface...Squidhead, sorry.
  • Pete: Was there a Gamorrean X-wing pilot in, like, Rogue Squadron? Alex: I love that idea. Jordan: That would be bananas! Pete: I could be wrong, I'll look it up in between episodes. <pause> Alex: Are you sure you're not thinking of Porkins? <laughter> In your face Piggy!


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