Jedi Minute 81: Teeth Marks

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April 27th, 2015


Leia holds back her tears as Luke slowly lets her go and moves away.


Paul Rust



  • Starts with Leia telling Luke he should just run away, and ends with Han asking what's going on (twice).
  • "Luke and Leia" theme.
  • Gorgeous matte painting.


  • Leia's line sounds like song lyrics.
  • Shout out: Lawrence Kasdan. The writing was split between Kasdan and Lucas. Which lines were Lucas'.
  • Melodramatic, soap opera dialog.
  • Luke being the only hope for the Rebellion. Leia is ok with telling him to run away.
Paul had the Ewok Village playset. He enjoyed taking the railings off and chewing on them.
  • Teeth marks on action figures.
  • The quality of the acting/directing/script.
  • Railing heights.
  • ROTJ toys recycled as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves toys.
    • Ewok Village➞Hideout
      Bright tree fort hideout village.jpg
    • Gamorrean guard➞Friar Tuck.
      Furry underwear
  • When your planet blows up, it's like international waters - there's no rules!
  • The "good side" of the Force.
  • Luke-Leia-Vader family drama.
  • The notion that you can turn someone back to the Light is new and individual to Luke.
  • Paul grew up believing that Yoda was human, but just really really old.
  • Yoda passing the buck.
  • What if Luke had succeeded in turning Vader? Vader slipping up and choking people.
  • Mentioned: Pete's theory that Luke and Leia aren't siblings.
  • Paul loves the Ewoks.
  • John Williams is great. Repeating themes in different emotional contexts.
    • Referenced: The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island.
  • Han overhearing Luke free Leia's conversation. They could have played up the misunderstanding for comedy, á la "Three's Company".
  • Having matte paintings on your own (or your uncle's) basement wall.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 24:50 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Today's episode is sponsored by Dodd Skalle Investigations Vol. 1: The Simian Case!
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves came out in 1991.
  • "Gamorrean Tuck" was brought up previously, in minute 35.
    • The Gamorrean guard/Friar Tuck action figure may have not had an inappropriate corkscrew under his outfit, but some ducks actually do1.


  • Pete: I'm trying to work in some joke about chewing the scenery...
  • Alex: Come on, Europe!
  • Pete: This is like the McDonald's of the Ewok village.
  • Alex: I just want to chew on a normal size railing, is that so much to ask?!
  • Alex: I don't know what I'm doing! *kissing noises*
  • Pete: Somebody's been hitting the blue milk.


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