Jedi Minute 83: Skywalk

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April 29th, 2015


Vader looks at Luke, turns away and faces the commander, taking the lightsaber from the commander's hand.


Paul Rust



  • Starts with the AT-AT walking up to the landing platform, and ends with Darth Vader revealing that the Emperor has been expecting Luke to surrender himself.
  • Another gorgeous matte painting.
  • The only appearance of the AT-AT in this movie.
    • Only time we see the "door".
  • Finally some safety rails.
  • Commander Igar


  • Paul continues his gag of pausing for a long time before finishing his sentence.
  • The AT-AT acting as a bouncer or bodyguard for Vader.
  • What non-space ship Star Wars vehicle would you want to own?
  • Ewok safety railings vs. Imperial railings.
  • Endor as George Lucas' Vietnam allegory.
  • Where is Vader arriving from? Was he already on Endor? If not, Luke's sensing him (and potentially the Force itself) is made up.
  • Where this meeting is taking place. Like the skyway (skywalk) at the airport.
  • We're not 100% sure of who played Igar (but see below).
  • ROTJ behind the scenes tidbits.
  • Ewoks and the 1980s bear-themed toy market.
  • Evolution of Star Wars Movies from 70's independent film to 80's blockbuster.
  • Minute 83 of Empire: Luke is getting ready to leave Dagobah and go confront Vader.
  • Bathroom break times in movies and dumping "exposition".

Meta Minute

  • 25:39 podcast episode length.
  • Driving speeders slowly has been brought up before.
  • For those listeners outside of North America, a "turducken" is also known as a "three bird roast", and is a chicken baked inside of a duck inside of a turkey1.
  • Alex will reference a "find my father" app again.
  • The consensus on Wookieepedia is that William Hoyland is the one who played Commander Igar.
  • Paul "reveals" that the week's episodes might just be recorded back-to-back instead of one per day.


  • Alex: D. V. on the DL.
  • Paul: There's spacial problems sometimes. And I don't mean "outer spacial"...
  • Paul: I'm looking at this Ewok, but I wish it had a tape deck in its back.


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