Jedi Minute 85: Vader Being Vader

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May 1st, 2015


Vader signals to some distant stormtroopers. He and Luke stand staring at one another for a long moment.


Paul Rust



  • Starts with Luke telling Vader to come with him, and ends with Luke revealing his father truly is dead.


  • Using the Dark side as the perfect excuse to get out of any social commitment. It's like having a baby.
  • Vader has run out of pitches to get Luke to join him.
  • Vader is addicted to the Dark side, and now he's dragging in his son.
  • Passive-aggressive conversational turning in the Skywalker family.
  • Vader had to pull a lot of strings to get Luke this summer job, and Luke is the ungrateful child.
  • Hinted to untold story where Obi-Wan tried to redeem Vader?
  • Search Your Feelings™
    • Jedi recruitment brochure.
  • Star Wars and Pepsi. The Franchise feels more like a Coke product now.
  • Luke's sick burn of his father.
  • ROTJ stations in malls.
Paul's sister told him he would be getting the Speeder Bike swing set for his birthday, but then he didn't. His sister called their mom out on it afterward.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: Wait, Rocky was in there? I missed that.
  • Alex: Keeps your coffee hot for a thousand years.
  • Paul: <snooty voice> Just because it's the Sarlacc pit doesn't mean it has to be gross. We have dignity. Alex: It's being gentrified.
  • Paul: You've been reading my Twitter and it convinced you that I actually existed.


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