Jedi Minute 89: A Dog Stole My Car

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May 7th, 2015


Paploo sails through the trees, more lucky than in control. It's scary, but he loves it.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Paploo stealing a speeder bike, and ends with a speeder biker being tricked into being captured by the Rebels.
  • Paploo is played by actor/stuntman Tony Cox in this scene.
    • This shot was filmed by hanging him from the speeder bike vertically.
  • Goofy fun music.


  • Tony is in the elite group that plug something different every day. Shoutout to Matt Gourley.
  • How does Paploo know what to do?
  • When Star Wars tries to be funny. It's not good at gags.
  • Mentioned: Spaceballs.
  • "Fuzzball" vs. "furball".
  • What the scout troopers are doing there vs. what they should be doing.
    • Coolest stormtrooper variant costume? Tony is a fan.
  • Rehashing the native fauna of Endor.
  • Potential future coverage of the Ewok TV movies.
  • Did all the speeder bikers need to go after Paploo?
  • Do ships in Star Wars need keys to start? Sure.
    • How Paploo was able to start the speeder bike.
  • The scout troopers are getting progressively less effective.
  • Bunker factoids.
  • Support the Show. Call 8-DAY-GREEDO if you've found the bunker.

Meta Minute

  • 19:48 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Ad for the Star Wars minute t-shirt, featuring our friend Chiptwick.
  • Pete previously listed the native animals of Endor during minute 50. Tony was also previously a guest when the flora and fauna of Dagobah were discussed.
  • The guys eventually did cover the first Ewok movie as a live special.
  • Wrigley was the name of Alex's pug dog (deceased) who can be heard in the background of many early episodes.
  • It is over 700 miles (about 1200 km) or a 12-hour drive from L.A. to Crescent City, CA, near where they filmed the bunker scenes. Unfortunately the area is unrecognizable due to clearcut logging. However, a local man who worked on the production took some of the fiberglass panels that the bunker was made from to use as a fence.


  • Pete: Other than the Blasé tree goat it's unimportant.
  • Alex:...they'd be making fun of you if your dog stole your car—is our car still out there? Pete: Wait, where's Wrigley?
  • Alex: I have some information about factoids. Pete: Factoid facts!


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