Jedi Minute 93: Two Big Thumbs Up

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May 13th, 2015


Luke's look darts from the Emperor to Vader and, finally, to the sword in the Emperor's hand.


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with the Emperor telling Luke his friends are walking into a trap, and ends with C-3PO telling Wicket to wait.
  • Debut of "Sad Sheev".


  • Sheev's "I meant to do that" moment.
  • What the Emperor and Vader did while waiting for the Death Star to be completed.
  • Is Vader in on the plan? No, but if you asked him he'd deny it.
    • Abandoned subplot where the Emperor was playing Vader against Jerjerrod.
  • Vader is the limo service for Luke.
  • The Rebels are bad at noticing they're heading into traps.
  • "Legion of my best troops." How bad are they guys didn't make the cut.
  • Mentioned: Airplane! (instruments)
  • What Sheev's default voice sounds like.
  • More specific advice that Obi-Wan or Yoda could have given Luke
  • Sarcastic irritating sad Sheev. Every word drips with contempt.
  • The shield generator blocks his wifi signal.

On Endor

  • Fisticuffs! Star Trek is super punchy, but it's very rare in Star Wars.
    • Mentioned: V (TV series)
  • C-3PO on sentry duty.
  • The theory that people in Star Wars are illiterate, especially Han.
  • Recreational drug use by the Ewoks.
Joseph ordered the ROTJ picture book a week before the movie. His brother read half of it before seeing the movie and called him at home to tell him about it. He was 9 and his brother was 12.
Things that were "un-haveable" back in the day.
  • The coolness (or lack thereof) of jetpacks in Star Wars.
  • Flash forward to Jango hitting his head on Slave I.
  • Are Stormtroopers clones?
  • We know you hate it when we talk about the toys.
  • Callback to the Wall of Sad Lobots.
    • Joseph had to drive an hour to Minneapolis to buy ROTJ action figures, but got Jedi Luke.
    • Pete's "misfortune" for always getting the first versions of toys (the rarer more valuable ones) rather the more movie accurate versions.

Meta Minute

  • 24:14 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: Plug for Alphabeatical.
  • Number of punches thrown vs. number of kicks.
  • The possibility of STAR WARS MINUTE-pedia is first mentioned in this episode.
  • In Jedi Minute 106, Kristen determines what adult beverages the Ewoks would drink.
  • Jango hitting his head was first mentioned Star Wars Minute 80.


  • Joseph: I can finally feel joy.
  • Joseph: (Palpatine voice) I killed so many make this happen. Pete: You wouldn't believe. Joseph: (normal voice) To plan this surprise party for you.
  • Joseph: (as Vader) Son, please come over here for evil. Daddy's got to drive you see angry grandpa.
  • Joseph: "Bantha poodoo-pedia" Pete: Let me write that down. Joseph:..."poodoo-pedia". Give me a cut of all that internet money you make.


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