Jedi Minute 95: Thanks, Captain

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"That's Admiral Obvious to you!"
  See also: Captain Obvious


May 15th, 2015


The Falcon and the fighters of Red Squad veer off desperately to avoid the unseen wall.


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with Lando saying "...we're coming?"
  • Ends with the Emperor inviting Luke to look out the window.
  • Rebel pilots:
    • Gray 2 (Mr Negative) Lt. Telsij
  • It's a trap!
  • Blooper: TIE fighter flies through the Falcon. Corrected in the Special Edition.


  • [All] Kraft Macaroni and Cheese™.
  • Eiji Kusuhara, also in "Dr. Who" and Superman IV.
  • Racial diversity in Star Wars.
  • Adherence to (or more often, lack of any concern for) the laws of physics.
    • A theoretical H-wing
  • Deleted story idea where some ships crashed into the shield.
  • Callback to the deleted scene in Star Wars where Luke is watching the battle with his macrobinoculars.
  • Iconic lines.
    • What exactly the trap is.
  • "Trailer shots".
  • The Emperor finally has something to do. He painstakingly engineered all of this, and now everything is coming up Palpatine.
  • Birthday cake.
  • It's so great that Luke wins through peace and hope by refusing to kill his father.

Meta Minute

  • 18:33 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: ad for, just in time for Father's day.
  • It's a common misconception that sharks must always keep moving. While forward movement helps then to breathe, they have a muscular opening called a spiracle that allows them to breathe while at rest.
  • "H-" and other "letter-wings" were brought up again on SWM:WE.
  • For an excellent video about what the physics of real space combat would be, see the Because Science YouTube channel.


  • Joseph: I'm Joseph Scrimshaw. I hate Ewoks, but we can still be friends. Right Internet? Alex: Icy silence from the Internet in response.
  • Pete: Me and my nerd friends back at the nerd store...
  • Joseph: I guess sector 47 is [F-wing] everywhere.


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