Jedi Minute 97: Two Levels of Fake Surprise

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May 19th, 2015


The stormtroopers come around the tree and find the two droids waiting quietly to be taken. As the Imperial troops move to do that, however, a band of Ewoks drops down from above and overpowers them.


Nick Wiger



  • Starts with our heroes getting captured outside the bunker, and ends with the Ewoks beginning their attack.
  • First appearance of the Scout Walker (in this movie!)
  • 130 actors dressed as Imperials, 40 dresses as Ewoks, and 150 crew were required to film this scene.
  • Last live-action sequence filmed for the movie.


  • Nick is a bit of an Ewok defender. Parallels to asymmetric, unconventional warfare.
  • Mixed levels of Ewok technological sophistication.
  • Moments of heroism for C-3PO in this movie.
  • The legion of the Emperor's best troops.
  • General thoughts on the setting of Endor.
  • Wrapping of principal photography. Referenced: the "Martini shot".
  • Mentioned: the Rebel dressed as a scout trooper, the trope of never killing captured good guys.
  • Many of the stormtroopers in this scene were played by local out of work loggers.
  • Was the Empire aware of the existence of the Ewoks? Reactions of the characters (or the actors?) to seeing the Ewoks for the first time.
    • Referenced: The Goonies, Die Hard.
Nick was super pumped to see the Special Editions on the big screen.
His favorite toys were the Walkers. He remembers liking vehicles more than figures.
 Toys you could take the helmet off of.
He once went to go see Peter and the Wolf with a live narrator, and later convinced his friends that the lady who did the narration was the actress who played Mon Mothma. He never revealed the truth until just now.
  • Referenced: The Who.

Meta Minute

  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call. The Christmas of '83 was the best for toys but also the worst for teasing.
  • Nick wrote and starred in a Funny or Die parody video called "Gungan Style" that satirizes the way modern pop culture creates hollow parodies of other media. It was mentioned in minute 37.
  • Catapults were invented by the Ancient Greeks in approximately the 4th century B.C.E, which is in the Classical era.
  • The Ewok hang glider is referenced during the coverage of the first Ewok movie. It is disturbingly referred to as a "Skin glider".
  • The first ever AT-ST was in Minute 31 of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • An upcoming episode is named in honor of the loggers-cum-stormtroopers.
  • "The Battle of Endor" refers to the entire military action, both in space and on the ground. It should not be confused with the "Battle for Endor".
  • This is the first time the Topps Star Wars card trader app was mentioned on the main show, but it is frequently mentioned on SWM:WE, and was a bit of an obsession for Pete for some time.


  • Pete: <on Ewoks> Rats who wear hats.
  • Alex: Kiss Darth Vader?


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