Jedi Minute 99: A Lot of Ewok Comedy

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Where do they get these guys from? Who designed their uniforms? Why don't they have any peripheral vision??


May 21st, 2015


In the confusion of the battle, Han and Leia break away and dive for the cover of the bunker door as explosions erupt around them.


Neil Campbell



  • Starts with the scout walker picking off Ewoks left and right, and ends with Leia asking "Artoo, where are you?"
  • Ewok glider.
  • Telephone Sandwich.


  • Ewok technology.
  • Doing the hard work of coming up with in-universe explanations for things that were probably created just to sell toys.
    • The glider is impractical as a weapon of war. Maybe it was adapted from civilian use.
  • Once the glider is shot down, is he stepped on by the AT-ST?
  • Ewok tripwire.
  • There's no sense from how the scene is filmed of how the battle was going overall. It's just a visual collage.
  • Logray acting more "shaman-y".
  • The themes of nature vs. technology don't really work as the summation of the trilogy.
  • The rules of comedy.
    • The comedy undermines the messages and dispels any tension in the scene.
    • Putting in lighter comedic bits for the kids.
Jedi was Neil's Star Wars. He was confused by friends who liked Empire best because it was the one where the good guys lose. Lawrence Kasdan suggested that Luke die in this movie, but Lucas vetoed this as it always upset him when the hero dies in the movie when he was a child.
  • What got Harrison Ford to come back for the third movie? There's nothing for his character to do. Did he even read the script?
  • General discussion of ways the movie could be fixed/improved.
    • Unfortunate precursor to Jar Jar "comedy" in Episode I.
  • Neil ranks the movies.
  • The rules of Force ghosting.
Neil was super excited for Heir to the Empire to come out. He stayed up to watch The Fly (1986) the night he got it. He did a book report and diorama on it. He had to use q-tip sticks for the lightsabers.
  • Alex got lightsabered in the foot.
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Meta Minute

  • 30:47 podcast episode length.
  • "Artoo where are you".
Film Character Line
Star Wars Threepio "Artoo! Artoo-Detoo, where are you?"
Empire Luke "Artoo! Where are you?"
Jedi Leia "Artoo, where are you? We need you at the bunker right away."
  • The "Devil's advocate" (Advocatus Diaboli) was actually a formal position within the Catholic church from 1587–1983. The opposite of the Devil's advocate is God's advocate.


  • Alex: <reading from his notes> " an army of Daffy Ducks".
  • Alex: Let me play angel's advocate here for a second.


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